Memories of Newark General

2024.04.14 S. Klein on the Square by Arthur Sharon
2024.04.13 Newark Police Band by Dennis Beyer
2023.09.24 Maple Avenue by Ralph Chin
2020.09.26 A Newark Tale (A True Story) by Alfred Sonny Piccoli
2020.07.05 A Newark Childhood: A Memoir by David Hugo Barrett
2019.07.25, 08:16:27 Newark Friends by Angelo Jim (De De) Scanelli
2019.03.20, 11:36:28 Rev. William P. Hayes Homes by Facebook Collection
2018.01.22, 20:53:24 Newark Memories by Esther Kaplan
2017.12.18, 16:38:36 The Greatest Train Engine Ever GG1 by Bob Molee
2017.03.20, 19:49:41 The Newark Riots Through the Eyes of a Child of the Ironbound by Michael Dobrzelecki
2017.02.12, 11:18:51 Mulberry Street by Denise Taylor
2016.12.02, 15:16:19 Chancellor Avenue by Andrea Jay
2016.09.23, 21:14:25 Memories of Newark by Larry Rozolsky
2016.05.17, 00:18:15 Newark Memories by Ellie Ciccone
2016.05.06, 02:02:25 Italian Hot Dogs of Newark by Ralph J. Chin
2016.05.06, 02:01:05 Scattered Memories by Ralph J. Chin
2016.05.06, 02:00:40 The Watson Bagel Experience by Ralph J. Chin
2016.05.06, 01:59:12 The Decade of Change 1960 - 1970 by Ralph J. Chin
2016.05.06, 01:56:38 Round Bar - Wagon Wheel by Frank Wiener
2016.05.06, 01:51:52 South Ward by David Rothbart
2016.05.06, 01:51:15 Miss Vanderhoof by Tim Carleton
2016.05.06, 01:46:16 Newark Memories by Ellie C.
2016.05.06, 01:43:40 Reliving My Youth by Angelo (Dee Dee) Scanelli
2016.05.06, 01:42:08 Memories of a Jewish Childhood by Harriet Ottenstein
2016.05.06, 01:41:12 The Secret of Ming's by Ralph J. Chin
2016.05.06, 01:39:52 Airships Overhead by Robert J. Wolfson
2016.05.06, 01:38:56 120 West Bigelow Street by Bette Ann (Marsh) Tiernan
2016.05.06, 01:37:31 Memories of a Lost Time by Ralph J. Chin
2016.05.06, 01:35:33 Ironbound Memories by John S. Angen
2016.05.06, 01:35:10 Newark During WWII by John Kelleher
2016.05.06, 00:01:46 Bruno Spohn & Newark Bakeries by Jule Spohn
2016.05.06, 00:00:12 Newark Memories by Ruth Harris
2016.05.05, 23:59:25 Newark Memories by Louis DePaul
2016.05.05, 23:59:06 Newark Memories by Joan Beihl
2016.05.05, 23:55:39 Blizzard of 2010 by Jule Spohn
2016.05.05, 23:54:10 Letter to Philip Roth by Martin Mandel
2016.05.05, 23:52:22 Newark's Worst Fire Nov. 26, 1910 by Jule Spohn
2016.05.05, 23:51:45 Baby Lone by Karen Cohen
2016.05.05, 23:49:10 Newark Memories by Paul Zerbian
2016.05.05, 23:46:32 Dugan's Bakery by Ruth Marcel
2016.05.05, 14:32:28 Interesting TV Interludes by Jack Keegan
2016.05.05, 14:31:11 From Summer Camp to the Newark Riots by Ron Lewis
2016.05.05, 14:30:48 Meeting Lucille Ball by Jack Keegan
2016.05.05, 14:29:29 Bergen Street Grammar School by Steven Eli Schanes
2016.05.05, 14:28:46 Memories by Sarah (SanServo) Doyle
2016.05.05, 14:27:47 The Only Job I Was Ever Fired From by Jack Keegan
2016.05.05, 14:27:25 Ming's Restaurant by Ralph J. Chin
2016.05.05, 14:27:02 A Depression-Era Recollection of the Knot-Hole Gang by Nat Bodian
2016.05.05, 14:26:35 After School Job by Jack Keegan
2016.05.05, 14:24:37 Astronauts by Jack Keegan
2016.05.05, 14:24:16 My Newark Memories by MaryAnn Feudale
2016.05.05, 14:23:40 Easter Remembrances from Newark by Jule Spohn
2016.05.05, 14:23:07 Newark's Oldest Standing Synagogue Building by Nat Bodian
2016.05.05, 14:22:25 Reminiscences of a Childhood - Neighborhood Mayhem and Personalities by Barbara L. Rothschild
2016.05.05, 14:21:54 Adoption by Anonymous
2016.05.05, 14:21:18 Newark Baseball by Jule Spohn
2016.05.05, 14:19:25 Memories of Newark by Elliot Mintz
2016.05.05, 01:38:11 Knitting in Newark by Barbara L. Rothschild
2016.05.05, 01:36:48 Horses and Bookies by Jule Spohn
2016.05.05, 01:35:29 Newark Memories During the Great Depression by Rich & Karin Hoffmann
2016.05.05, 01:34:09 Grew Up in Newark by Larry Rozolsky
2016.05.05, 01:33:38 Early Radio with Dean and Jerry by Jack Keegan
2016.05.05, 01:31:15 Newark Bears Shareholder by Jack Keegan
2016.05.05, 01:30:29 Simple Sunday Playground Pleasures by Barbara L. Rothschild
2016.05.05, 01:28:53 TV Incidents by Jack Keegan
2016.05.05, 01:28:29 The Ed Solomon Show by Michael Krueger
2016.05.05, 01:27:47 White Christmas 1947 by Jack Keegan
2016.05.05, 01:25:47 Newark's 1945 "V-E Day" City Commission Election by Nat Bodian
2016.05.04, 23:52:53 More TV Days - Janet Langhart by Jack Keegan
2016.05.04, 23:52:07 Remembering the Little Symphony of Newark by Ira Kraemer
2016.05.04, 23:50:54 The Jewish Funeral Homes of Newark: Now a Single Entity with Three Centuries of Experience by Nat Bodian
2016.05.04, 23:49:41 Newark Memories by Ellen Pollin
2016.05.04, 23:47:32 Bicycle Racing by Joe Leatham
2016.05.04, 23:47:05 A View from East Orange by Anonymous
2016.05.04, 23:45:47 Newark's Earliest Italians by Jule Spohn
2016.05.04, 23:41:57 Pre Heimlich Maneuver by Jack Keegan
2016.05.04, 23:40:44 Nicky Newark by John Desranleau
2016.05.04, 23:40:21 Nicky Newark Credentials by John Desranleau
2016.05.04, 18:50:42 Important People by Jack Keegan
2016.05.04, 18:50:11 Newark To Me by Joel Schanerman
2016.05.04, 18:49:37 What Would I Do? by Mary Ellen Howley
2016.05.04, 18:49:09 What Would I Do? by John Desranleau
2016.05.04, 18:46:16 Oscar Joseph Brown by Hank Przybylowicz
2016.05.04, 18:44:18 My Grandfather Andrew Keegan by Jack Keegan
2016.05.04, 18:41:47 TV Nites and Dazes by Jack Keegan
2016.05.04, 18:40:16 Father Devine Hotel by Phyllis Scott Ajisafe
2016.05.04, 18:39:27 Sussex Avenue Armory by MaryAnn (D'Uva) Torluccia
2016.05.04, 18:37:40 102 Wainwright Street by Steve Maszczak
2016.05.04, 15:55:13 Newark by Ralph J. Chin
2016.05.04, 15:54:33 Newark Memories by Joe Nacknouc
2016.05.03, 22:21:26 Foot Ball Italian Weddings in Newark by Andrew Fresco
2007.09.03, 22:21:40 Memories of World War Two in Newark by Andrew Fresco
2007.08.24, 17:11:22 A Day to Remember at Ballantine by Gene Germaine
2007.08.20, 16:08:18 Soul brothers vs. the Man by Jack Bogdanski
2007.08.20, 15:30:30 The Butcher and the Italian Feasts by Andrew Fresco
2007.08.20, 15:18:09 Poetic Memories of Growing Up in Newark , from birth to age 10 by Andrew Malekoff
2007.08.20, 14:36:53 Dave Aronow, Hot Dog Haven, 1963 by Marty Greenberg
2007.08.20, 14:01:16 The Movies by Andrew Fresco
2007.08.20, 13:20:53 As I Remember Newark by Richard Feuerherm
2007.06.21, 20:54:01 Newark's Newspapermen During World War II - Who They Were and What They Did by Nat Bodian
2007.06.12, 18:30:33 Newark's Own Ernie Pyle in World War II: Warren H. Kennet of the Newark News by Nat Bodian
2007.06.12, 13:35:58 Ernie Pyle's Newark Connection: A Widow's Recollection by Nat Bodian
2007.06.12, 12:33:52 Shoe Shine Man by Jule Spohn
2007.06.12, 11:54:59 The Projects by Osvaldo Laracuente
2007.06.12, 11:41:32 What Moe's Early 1930s Daring-Do Did by Nat Bodian
2007.04.30, 14:02:32 Newark Flooding -- 2007 by Jule Spohn
2007.04.30, 13:27:53 The Irish in Newark and NJ by Jule Spohn
2007.04.30, 13:22:20 "Playing the Ponies" in Newark by Jule Spohn
2007.02.28, 22:02:31 Newark Memories by Teri
2007.02.28, 21:58:00 Memories of Newark by Jerry Barbierri
2007.02.28, 21:46:05 Newark Evening News by Pat Fagan
2007.02.28, 16:34:07 Bargain Bus Rides - Newark School Students and Public Service Transportation by Barbara L. Rothschild
2007.02.10, 19:39:30 Newark's 1880s Boxing Champ -- Faced John L. Sullivan by Nat Bodian
2007.02.07, 16:25:02 Christmas Memories by Caroline Grossmann
2007.02.07, 16:16:56 Newark, 1955-1959 by Marilyn Lucas Blaho
2007.02.07, 16:09:02 Precious Newark Memories by Robin R. Stein
2006.12.05, 01:04:24 Newark Riots by VonDell Adams Bankert
2006.12.05, 00:44:14 Newark, NJ by Jerry Catalano
2006.12.05, 00:39:08 Saint Peter's Chapel School by Don Allen
2006.12.04, 17:32:51 Recalling Jewish Names and Nicknames from 1920s-1940s Newark by Nat Bodian
2006.11.03, 19:21:56 A Tribute to "The People" of by Jule Spohn
2006.10.31, 03:04:21 Bergen Street by Marc Levy
2006.09.06, 14:29:41 Waltzing through Woolworth: Or, How I Learned to Love the Five and Dimes! by Barbara L. Rothschild
2006.08.28, 11:52:14 A Mother's Selfless Act: The Pawnshops of Newark by Barbara L. Rothschild
2006.05.23, 12:55:33 Newark Newsman's Scariest Story by Nat Bodian
2006.05.09, 16:56:10 Dugan's Bakery (Queens) and the End by Ron Wilson
2006.04.24, 22:38:05 A Walk Throught Newark with Julius Spohn & Johnny by John Desranleau
2006.03.21, 05:40:18 Mister Tuscan Ice Cream Truck by John Desranleau
2006.03.20, 14:31:38 I Will Forever Love Newark by Frederick Powell
2006.02.28, 11:25:08 Recalling Jerry Nusbaum: Newark's "Walter Winchell" by Nat Bodian
2006.02.23, 19:16:08 Rising by Karetha Cooper
2006.02.09, 16:15:27 Another Newark Memory by Florence Rose Colandro
2006.02.06, 11:51:33 Lifetime Newarker and Legendary Journalist/Author/Historian by Nat Bodian
2006.01.27, 16:02:21 How I remember Growing up in Newark NJ by Joseph Costa
2006.01.12, 20:53:08 Nina Newark I was not by Anna Falco Roma
2006.01.02, 21:27:15 Pretzel Boy Number 3 by Pretzel Boy Number 3
2006.01.02, 21:17:22 Pretzel Boys by John Desranleau
2006.01.02, 21:03:26 King of the Newark Pretzel Boys 1965-1986 by John Desranleau
2005.12.31, 17:39:27 Farewell to Charles Cummings by Douglas Eldridge
2005.12.29, 06:06:37 Fond Farewell for Charles Cummings by Jule Spohn
2005.12.27, 20:26:43 Newark, My Home Town! by Greg Reissner
2005.12.14, 14:44:29 My Newark Christmas by John Desranleau
2005.12.10, 17:25:29 Schoolboy Memories by Philip Peck
2005.11.30, 19:15:24 Growing Up In Newark by Fred Russell
2005.11.29, 23:31:56 Driving around Newark, A Travelogue of Sorts by Rich Olohan
2005.11.15, 11:15:28 Mulberry Place Families 1930 to 1945 by Roberta (Adams) Singletary
2005.09.20, 10:52:49 Some Newark Thoughts by Alan V. Karr
2005.08.15, 14:54:40 Madison Avenue & Avon Avenue School by Florence Colandro
2005.06.28, 13:37:14 Those Were The Days My Friend (Continued) by Dorothy Naecker - Pollino
2005.06.22, 14:25:01 These were the days my friend - We thought they'd never end. by Dorothy Naecker - Pollino
2005.05.16, 19:56:38 Newark .........From New York by Harry T. Roman
2005.05.16, 18:39:59 Living Next to the Horse Stables by Wes Gromlich
2005.04.10, 16:56:19 Two Generations of History in Newark by Allan Lacki
2005.03.28, 10:20:19 Shooting Marbles by Charles McGrath
2005.03.27, 20:27:27 Newark's Building Boom by Harry T. Roman
2005.03.26, 19:03:45 Newark by Andrew Davis
2005.03.24, 21:06:28 Twas a Grand and Glorious Irish Wake by Jule Spohn
2005.03.21, 01:10:00 The 70th Annual St. Patrick's Day Parade by Jule Spohn
2005.03.20, 23:48:53 The Thoughts of Peter Grimm Part 4 by Peter Grimm
2005.03.20, 23:37:52 The Thoughts of Peter Grimm Part 3 by Peter Grimm
2005.03.20, 23:37:32 The Thoughts of Peter Grimm Part 2 by Peter Grimm
2005.03.20, 23:37:03 The Thoughts of Peter Grimm Part 1 by Peter Grimm
2005.03.20, 16:21:07 Various Newark Memories by Quint Villanueva
2005.03.20, 15:10:36 Horse & Buggy Days by Newark Talk Collective
2005.03.20, 14:40:53 The Gangs of Newark by Rich Silvertsen
2005.03.20, 13:24:57 Cook Coffee Company & Other Venders by Newark Talk Collective
2005.03.20, 13:11:43 Cars by Newark Talk Collective
2005.03.19, 18:29:51 Growing Up in Newark by Richard Krentz
2005.03.19, 18:24:35 Newark by Sue Carol (Pincelo) Farrell
2005.03.19, 17:35:58 Growing up in Newark by Patricia Gowers
2005.03.19, 17:32:08 Bath Houses by John Mc Evoy
2005.03.19, 16:51:26 Bragman's Jewish Deli & Restaurant by Jule Spohn
2005.03.19, 16:31:17 Twas a Great Day for the Irish in Newark Today (2004) by Jule Spohn
2005.03.19, 15:21:02 Shoe Makers by Newark Talk Collective
2005.03.16 Showers by Newark Talk Collective
2005.02.28 Newark City Subway by Jack Pignatello
2005.02.23 "Hunks" or "Fend Hunks" by Charles McGrath
2005.01.23 1947 Snow Sprinkles by Seymour Pierce
2005.01.23 Catering Halls by Jule Spohn
2005.01.23 Schachtel's Bakery by Seymour Pierce
2005.01.18 A View from South Orange by Mary Ann (De Amicis) McGowan
2004.12.05 Newark's Santa Claus by Charles McGrath
2004.11.28 Thanksgiving Got Its Start Here in Newark by Jule Spohn
2004.11.24 In Tribute and Recall of Newark's Fine Medical Personnel and Health Care Facilities by Barbara L. Rothschild
2004.11.24 For Milady by Barbara L. Rothschild
2004.11.24 Looking Back at Newark Origins of World-Famous M&M Chocolates by Nat Bodian
2004.08.10 Ted Fiorito: The Newark Son of Italian Immigrants who Became One of Greats of American Music by Nat Bodian
2004.08.05 Newark's Role in Rock & Roll by Nat Bodian
2004.07.18 Remembering Some Old Newark Related Ads, Slogans and Trademarks by Nat Bodian
2004.07.12 Newark by Joseph Jannarone
2004.06.01 Growning Up in Newark by John P. Rotondo
2004.06.01 Sears and Other Department Stores by Grace Lerant
2004.06.01 Blue Castle by Les Mathis
2004.05.29 History of an encounter at the Military Park Hotel by Eion MacDonald
2004.05.29 Arrived from Ireland by Bill Murphy
2004.05.29 Recreation for Children by Caroline Grossmann
2004.05.07 Who's Got Memories of Newark? by L. Price
2004.05.04 The Landsmanshaftn of Newark by Nat Bodian
2004.03.03 Restaurants by Barbara L. Rothschild
2004.03.03 Shoe Repair by Barbara L. Rothschild
2004.03.03 Recalling Newark Night Life by Barbara L. Rothschild
2004.03.03 Are Old Newark Memories US History? Some High School Juniors said "Yes" by Nat Bodian
2004.02.25 Scary Memories by Newark Talk Collective
2004.02.12 Looking Back at the Newark of 1835-36 and a Glimpse of Some of Its Townsmen by Nat Bodian
2004.01.30 Rise and Fall of Newark Underworld Character During Longy Zwillman Era by Nat Bodian
2004.01.25 Max's Little Corral by Newark Talk Collective
2004.01.24 Local 167 Bakery & Confectioners Union and the Polish Falcons by Barbara L. Rothschild
2004.01.23 Charlotte Russes by Barbara L. Rothschild
2004.01.20 Strawberry Fields Forever by Manny Gamallo
2004.01.20 My Links to Newark Airport Before and During World War II by Nat Bodian
2004.01.08 Diners by Seymour Pierce
2004.01.08 A Stool Pigeon's Memories by Manny Gamallo
2003.12.06, 13:22:20 Christmas 1947 by Seymour Pierce
2003.12.06 Bus Routes by Newark Talk Collective
2003.12.02 Turkish Quarter - 1974 by Tamer Ozaydin
2003.11.30 Knights of Columbus by Jule Spohn
2003.11.25 The Old Newarkers by Charles McGrath
2003.11.25 Newark by Nick J. Galiano
2003.11.23 The Grapevines of Newark by Charles McGrath
2003.11.15 Horseback Riding by Newark Talk Collective
2003.11.12 The Stop Lights from Newark by Charles McGrath
2003.11.11 The Bird Farm from Newark by Charles McGrath
2003.11.10 Red Fox by Charles McGrath
2003.11.10 The Restored Settlers Monument by Jule Spohn
2003.11.10 Newark by Dave Hosseini
2003.11.09 Cold Water Flats by Newark Talk Collective
2003.11.01 Wakes by Charles McGrath
2003.10.31 Funeral Parlours by Newark Talk Collective
2003.10.29 Remaining Mulberry Street Shops by Jule Spohn
2003.10.29 Nazi Germany 1939 or Newark 2003? by Jule Spohn
2003.10.28 Pet Shops by Jule Spohn
2003.10.28 Live Poultry Markets by Jule Spohn
2003.10.20 Newark's "Bowery" by Charles McGrath
2003.10.16 The Squatters of Newark by Charles McGrath
2003.10.13 Mischief Night (circa 1940's) by Charles McGrath
2003.10.12 Born in Newark, Educated in Newark, Married in Newark by Mona Gotfried
2003.10.11 Nana & Cooking, A Labor of Love by Lynn Maria Masiello
2003.09.01 Paddy Wagon by Charles McGrath
2003.08.25 The Newark Scenic Postcard Man and His Two Sons: Their Story by Nat Bodian
2003.08.18 Colorful History of Newark's Street Trolley Cars: From Birth to Death by Nat Bodian
2003.08.06 Prudential Excursion by Jule Spohn
2003.08.03 When the Nazis Came to Newark -- Details Now Unveiled by Nat Bodian
2003.07.17 The Life and Times of Jule Spohn by Jule Spohn
2003.07.06 Newark the Beautiful: Description in America's First Geography in 1820's by Nat Bodian
2003.06.23 Newark - The Financial Capitol of the State by Jule Spohn
2003.06.22 Newark and Area Breweries by Bill Newman
2003.05.23 The Barracks by Bill Newman
2003.05.23 Ethnic Catholic Churches of Newark by Jule Spohn
2003.05.18 The YM-YWHA Movement in Newark From 1877 Birth to End in 1969 by Nat Bodian
2003.05.15 Trolley Rides by Bill Newman
2003.05.15 Night Clubs by Bill Newman
2003.05.13 Newark by Maryann Clark
2003.05.08 Newark by Jack Martin
2003.05.05 Looking Back at Newark During Prohibition Era by Nat Bodian
2003.05.05 A Recollection of Newark of 1939 and After the Riots by Nat Bodian
2003.04.09 How Newark Pictured Itself on 100th Birthday as City by Nat Bodian
2003.02.25 Newark by Don Hebert
2003.02.20 The Bakers by Jule Spohn
2003.02.11 Cold Water Flats by Jule Spohn
2003.02.09 Time for Lunch - Newark in the late 40's and early 50's by Seymour Pierce
2003.02.01 The Chicken and the Turtle by Jule Spohn
2003.02.01 Newark During WW II - 1940s by Seymour Pierce
2003.01.23 The Walker by Charles McGrath
2003.01.21 Newark Post Office - 1940s by Seymour Pierce
2003.01.13 Newark Memories 1930s by Seymour Pierce
2003.01.13 Newark by Everett Winrow
2003.01.13 Newark by Patricia Gowers
2003.01.12 Sunday, December 7, 1941 by Bill Newman
2003.01.12 Civilian Conservation Corps (C.C.C.) circa 1938 by Charles McGrath
2003.01.05 The Potato by Charles McGrath
2003.01.05 Two Guys by Bill Newman
2003.01.05 Newark Memories 1920s by Seymour Pierce
2003.01.05 Irish Father by Charles McGrath
2002.12.31 Why Newark? Maybe it's a Repository for my Research? by Glenn Geisheimer
2002.12.31 Why Newark? or How to research your Newark ancestors by Glenn Geisheimer
2002.12.30 Why Newark? Maybe because I was born there? by Glenn Geisheimer
2002.12.22 Christmas Season From Yesterday (1940 -1960) by Charles McGrath
2002.12.22 Christmas Shopping Season by Charles McGrath
2002.12.16 Culture and Customs in Old Newark by Charles McGrath
2002.12.16 The Rag Man by Jule Spohn
2002.12.14 Prices at Eateries by Seymour Pierce
2002.12.11 Belgium Blocks vs. the Newark Irish by Charles McGrath
2002.12.09 Internal Defense of the Home Front by Charles McGrath
2002.12.02 "Going Postal" by Seymour Pierce
2002.12.01 Response to "Folklore of Newark in the 1940's" by Manny Gamallo
2002.11.27 Folklore of Newark in the 1940's by Charles McGrath
2002.11.26 Prizes & Giveaways by Bill Newman
2002.11.26 Radios & the Faithful by Bill Newman
2002.11.24, 13:22:20 Ethnic Neighborhoods by Bill Newman
2002.11.24 The Dandee Cookie Factory by Bill Newman
2002.11.24 Route Men & Peddlers by Bill Newman
2002.11.24 The Honey Wagon by Bill Newman
2002.11.24 The Neighborhood Drug Store by Bill Newman
2002.11.24 The Neighborhood Stores by Bill Newman
2002.11.19 Gas Lights by Charles McGrath
2002.11.18 The Weekly Salesman by Jule Spohn
2002.11.18 The Old Bookie Joints by Jule Spohn
2002.11.11 Newark by Marvin Gershenfeld
2002.11.11 From Pompeii to Newark by Charles McGrath
2002.11.04 Barber Shops by Charles McGrath
2002.10.27 The Jews & The Irish by Colleen M. O'Donnell
2002.10.14 The City Subway by Harry T. Roman
2002.10.11 Recalling Set-Up Day When the Circus Came to Newark by Nat Bodian
2002.09.02 Back Home by Jule Spohn
2002.09.02 Coming Home by Jule Spohn
2001.07.28 Newark by Sonya Saul
2001.03.09 Newark by Florence
2001.03.09 Newark by Charles Bazata
2000.12.31 Newark by George Burgey
2000.12.11 My Mother told Me by Diane Frondek Arose
2000.11.15 My Grandfather's Memories of Newark by Jim DuPlessis
2000.10.24 Newark by Jule Spohn
2000.10.10 You Might Be From Newark, New Jersey If You... by Barbara Vitale Bihus
2000.08.13 Newark by Susan
2000.02.02 Newark by Francine Tretola