Meeting Lucille Ball

by Jack Keegan


S/Sgt Jim Hanley and I were in the cadre to form a new outfit at Camp Hann. I got to know Jim very well and we frequently went out on pass together. It was announced that Lucille Ball would be giving a show at the camp. Jim informed me that he had grown up in Jamestown and knew Lucille personally. He invited me to join him when he was going to see her. The two of us walked over to the outdoor theater where the show would be performed. Behind the stage were several buildings for the talent, orchestra and crew. Jim went up to one of the crew and asked him to inform Lucille that he would like to see her, giving his name. The crew member came back and announced that she would love to see him. When Jim entered the dressing room Lucille jumped up to greet him, gave him a hug and a big kiss. He introduced me to her and she gave me a kiss. We then settled down at a table and had coffee and cake, while Lucille and Jim had a long discussion about times in Jamestown. In person she was not a fidgety gigety air head but a very articulate lady As show time approached she made sure that we would have good seats, informing a member of the crew to see that we would be seated in the VIP section. We were the only Enlisted Men seated in the front row surrounded by Officers. Oh yes we thoroughly enjoyed the show.


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