The Life and Times of Jule Spohn

by Jule Spohn


Hello Everyone. I was born in St. Michael's Hospital on November 29, 1941 at 7:05pm. My parents were Helen (nee Tighe) and Julius Herman Spohn. My Baptism names were Julius John (John after both my mother and father's brothers) Spohn. My confirmation name is Francis - therefore I am Julius John Francis Spohn. WOW!!!

Lived most of my early life on South Orange Avenue and 12th Street. Went to St. Antoninus Grammar School (1948-1956). Went to St. James High School (down neck) (1956-1960). Went into the Marine Corps in 1960 till 1966. Was a body guard for President and Mrs. Kennedy on their trip to Mexico in June of 1962. Then left to work at the American Embassy in Seoul, Korea, as a Marine Security Guard. Came back to the states in 1965 and then went on a Marine Expedition to help save the Dominican Republic in 1965.

Got out of the Marine Corps in 1966 and began working for National Newark and Essex bank at 744 Broad Street as a "securities trader" in the Trust Dept from 1967 to 1970. In 1970 went to work for Merrill Lynch on Wall Street as a securities trader. I specialized in foreign stocks (American Depository Receipts - ADR's). Was with Merrill till 1978 and then went to work for Prudential Bache till 1981. In 1981 went to work for another Wall Street firm trading Canadian stocks. We went into the Recession of 1982 and from then till 1986 I worked, got laid off, worked, got laid off, etc. till I once again went back to work for Merrill in 1986. Market crashed in 1987 and same nonsense taking place all over Wall Street. In 1990 Merrill laid off a bunch of people again and I decided it was time to leave Wall Street for good.

Graduated from Rutgers/Newark in 1977 with a BA in Economics and did my graduate work in Economics at The New School in Manhattan.

Decided to change careers in 1990 after all of the turmoil on Wall Street and took a year off and went to nursing school at Bergen Pines County Hospital in Paramus. Graduated and am now a nurse in the Intensive Care Unit at the Veterans Administration Hospital in Manhattan. Turn 62 in November and am trying to decide whether I'll retire this year or wait for another three till I'm 65. Still feel good and love my job so I will probably stay till 65.

Lived in Newark, Marine Corps travels (Mexico, Puerto Rico, Japan, Korea, Dominican Republic), Newark, Manhattan, Jersey City, Richmond, VA, and finally back to Newark. That's it. No more moving.

I love to travel. Just got back from Paris. Have been to Mexico, Canada, Japan, Korea, Puerto Rico, St. Thomas, London, Rome, Berlin, Munich, Zurich, Basel, Salzburg, and a few smaller places. Looking forward to going to China, Russia, and Ireland in the next few years.

My great grandparents Owen Carlin and Ann Comiskey, and Cornelius Tighe and Bridget Heffernan all came from Ireland around 1850 during the time of the Potato Famine when there was plenty of food and livestock being produced in Ireland but it was all being shipped back to England and where over one million Irish men and women died from starvation and over two million Irish men and women left Ireland forever and came to America. These were on my mother's side. On my father's side Franz August Spohn and Annelise Vogt both came from Neckarsulm, Germany, met and married here in Newark around 1865. All four great-grandparents settled and raised their children here in Newark.

My great-grand-father Owen Carlin was one of the first six policemen here in Newark - 1860's till the 1890's - and was the leading Democrat in the old 10th Ward for twenty years before he died in 1893. His daughter (my grandmother) Ann Carlin married John T. Tighe (son of Cornelius). John T. Tighe was also a policeman here in Newark from 1880 till he died in 1910. His son, my uncle John C. Tighe was also on the old Salvage Corps in the early 1920's and then he too became a policeman in the mid 1920's till he died while serving as the Treasurer of the Newark PBA.

As you can see, my family's roots and contributions to this great city of Newark go back a long time - over a century and a half.

Almost all of my family are buried up at Holy Sepulchre Cemetery, which is where I too will be buried when the time comes - but not ready to go just yet.

Well there you have it - my life in a nutshell. I am so very happy to be living back here in Newark again. Who said you can't go home again? I HAVE RETURNED!!!


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