Response to "Folklore of Newark in the 1940's"

by Manny Gamallo


The lady without the nose that you wrote of was a perennial figure in the Central Ward into the mid -1950s. I didn't know exactly where she lived, but I remember seeing her many times in the area of 15th Avenue and Bruce Street. Also, I saw her several times walking along Jones Street between South Orange and Springfield avenues. I was a child then, so I have to admit that I was frightened by her appearance. Fortunately, however, she kept to herself and, I far as I remember, she never spoke to anyone.

The beggar without the legs that you wrote about did not limit himself to the corner of South Orange Avenue and Norfolk Street, where I had seen him many times. He, too, would sidle along Jones Street and around the corner onto 15th Avenue at the point where Springfield Avenue intersects. I lived at that intersection until 1957, when my parents bought a house in Vailsburg.


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