Nicky Newark

by Old Newark Memory Submission


Nicky Newarker – Back in the day and applies still today It meant that the guy was a true down to earth certified Newark Greaser.

I even heard Billy Joel use the term.

To me it is a badge of honor – Its Newark prodigal son. The guys from the surrounding town could only try to mimic the characteristic – but they could never be the genuine persona that was uniquely a product of growing up in Newark.........

I knew serveral "Nicky Newarkers" when I was growing up there -
They make the Fonz look like a Animal cracker vender at a circus in comparison. - Sorry Fonz.

The closest version I saw in the Movies where James Dean Rebel without cause)- (Marlon Brando in The Wild [One - John Travolta Danny Zuko and his Buddy Kenickie Jeff Conway of Grease. The Lords of Flatbush Chico Perry King, American Graffiti - John Milner were a close depiction

In Newark in the late sixties there was a cat by the name of Frankie "D" for Dunlop that definitely fitted the bill – he lived near West Side Park. My brother Jacques and some of his Italian buddies were definitely certified.

Newark late fifties up to late sixties was loaded with them.

By the way when I went to the Newark luncheon last year in May I meet a true Nicky Newark that still lives down Neck – He had the Slang – Attitude and a Betty Boop Tattooed on his forearm

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