The Thoughts of Peter Grimm Part 4

by Peter Grimm


Was anyone at Military Park when that black guy tried to stab George Wallace? I was there, got my jacket slashed. The mob tried to hang him. The police took him away by horse back

2 mounted policemen each holding an arm snatched the black man away from hangers. He was dragged over the heads of the crowd. They put him a squad car, but the mob overturned the car after. I remember was those 2 mounted police men again going out of sight dragging the would be killer. Wallace never said thank you for his life

High iron refers to the old coal fired steam engines. They were much larger because of all the water they had to carry. Remember walking down the tracks, I bet every one here did at one time. Remember putting a penny on the track to make it bigger. At 12 I rode my bike to Bayonne, bike rode with me as baggage back to Newark. I got the strap for that. Now that i can recall, no one had a penny for the track, the conductor would yell all aboard and off we would go to Roseville Ave. The conductor would announce each station and would all aboard. When leaving waving to the engineer in hopes he would blow the steam whistle. The passengers would wave back. At camp at night i would hear that whistle. People were going somewhere, the sound of that steam whistle will be with me for the rest of my life.

Those pipers marched into the battle, I always wondered why the GErmans in the First war called them Ladies from Hell. I don't care what they wore under those kilts.

I remember the Little Theater showing those naked natives from the National Geographic. They were a hit, I used to sneak in the back door because they checked your ID.

I was a 10 year old in 1941, but i can remember your music to me. To me the word great just don t cut it but years gone by I was with a group of men in the far east. We were trapped and we were getting done in 1 by 1, then I heard the bagpipes, it seems our foes heard the same, they up and bugged out. Pipes became my love of band music.

Those dancing boxes were luckies,and johnny the bell hop for philip morris, the whole egg for helmans mayo, the guy in the row boat in the toilet tank, they finally got the guy in the drivers seat hertz rent a car, all in all those ads were not bad, compared to those awful english movies, lets not forget Bob Breyer, we got him every 10 min. selling everything under the sun.

I worked in Mexico for 19 years, the soup of Mexico is cowbelly soup. I have never met a finer race but they cook it in a pail that must be galvanized. I tried to impress upon them of the danger of zinc and lead to no avail. They cannot understand how I can live so long. I am a Vegan thank god.

I am the elder in my tribe, I was the guest of honor at a pow wow in Canada only because of my age. I am the last one, when I told them I was born in Silver Lake, Newark they wanted to know how the fishing was, they were planning a migration but I talked them out of it.

My wife and I lived on the 12 floor of those projects. We also were on the first floor. I graduated from Webster St school in1947 and I can remember the day we got out of there we had a guy who once a month who cooked a pig in the garbage chute.

I really do not remember the year of the riots but i seen firemen set on fire by people begging to be saved they had make believe fires on roof they were burned on the ladders I was there when tanks rolled down broadway, Newark was under martial law I am a living witness to the burning of Newark

All those empty lots had buildings and all the stores did not have steel shutters you could walk downtown and window shop at midnight. You could meet a stranger and actually talk to him. A man would not curse with a female present, on a hot night a girl could sleep in the parks alone, I never heard the word rape spoken, women were respected in NEWARK.

My race is MOHAWK and I have never met a race of finer people than the ITALIANS. They helped make the Newark we love.

When I drove a cab at the airport, that was one place I did not linger 1951-1955 at one time no matter what the meter read all you had to pay was $1.00 that was the rate set by Newark city hall. airport to Irvington line $1.00 the meter would read $4.00 fare paid $i.00

I remember china wings and I remember the irate mob that wanted to hang the owner. No one ever proved that they put cats in their food, but someone said that he got a piece of cat fur in his mouth, and they found a skinned cat in the garbage. I have a home in Shanghai and there are no cats in shanghai they love cats here.

I worked as a maintenance driver for public service any one can drive a trolley, it is a switch and a brake,they followed the tracks no turns, we also had trolley buses they both had poles but the buses also had a gas motor this bus did not follow the tracks, they were just buses with poles, blown fuse driver pulls down pole starts gas engine they were ugly buses.

We all have horror stories. I delivered 2 babies, 1 in a snow storm. Even caught a killer, guy leaned over seat with knife, I stepped on the gas he decided to get out when i hit the brick wall on Broad St by the lackawana RR over pass. He would kill after he got the money did it 3 times.

Yellow cab had a stand outside father devines hotel. 3 of the fathers angels decided to ride together. those were the biggest angels ever. They pushed the first one in. The second was wedged it took a lot of pushing. I called dispatch reminded them I had a brand new cab they said the third angel should ride up front with me she refused as angels could not sit with a man. I was to put her in the back, tom thumb could not fit in there. Well they pushed she got one leg in and the springs broke we had to call the police, axle grease was used and they finally popped out, that cab had less than 100 miles on the clock the owner of the yellow cab was there Phil Dunski, they demanded transportation to broome st. the boss took them in the wrecker. the fare was .40 cents. the boss got it. I got a dime. I am 7 ft. tall. I drove the midget cab in the parades I sat on the roof do you recall

In 1957 I was back in school working on my PHD I was interested only in school work and packard motor cars. I drove a 1940 12 cylinder packard roadster that I bought. I paid $25,00 for it. it was in perfect condition when purchased.


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