King of the Newark Pretzel Boys 1965-1986

by John Desranleau


Calling all Newark Pretzel Boys.
Worked the Streets from 1965 thru 1968

JR was my Boss Man.
Great Guy All around Newark Barker!
He Knew all the Newark Cops,
Dove a Dark and Light Green International Van/Truck Sort of an SUV.
Boy! Could That man Drive - Cat Like Reflexes - Drove on Sidewalk
Raced anything that Moved.
Shifted from the Column - He would have been good in the Movie "Bullet"
He treated me like his son.

I learned allot being on the street dogging and hustling Cars.
BOY! It was great seeing all those Great American cars of the time
FORD and CHevy were KING. (Forget the Jap Rice Burners of today)
The Muscle Cars SS - GTO's 442 - Road Runners - GTX - Grand Prix
Also the pretty Gals that were in those coaches. Yooo Weee
I like the style back then Men looked Cool - Shark Skin / High Rolls
The Gals Mini Shirts - Perfect Makeup and Ribbon in their hair
Jersey Girl / NY Girls are the best looking Gal in the USA

Anyway Back to the Pretzels

I sold pretzels on the following Spots - Maybe you saw me there!

Speedwell Ave next to Parkway - 2 Blocks from Pabst

The "Strip" Near the Food Fair, Front of Vailsburg Park South Orange Ave.

Irvington Center at Christmas Time - It sure was a beautiful Center.
The Salvation Army was there playing Christmas Music filling the Ave.
(Guys would sing Doo OOPs songs while watching the Girls go by)

Down Town Newark walking the crowed streets at the Parades
Those were great Parades - You know Why?
It was the good Stock of the People of Newark - Blue Collar Types
Hard working - Would Kick you in the butt if you deserved it.
Would help you out if you needed it. - No pretences -Great Folks.

Down Neck - Wilson Ave By 1 & 9 - Real Busy Spot -Trains- Big Trucks Planes flying very low going into Newark Airport. Junk Yard Dogs - Hobo;s
A Old fashion ESSO Gas Station with Globs on each Pump. Ding" Ding"
- each time a car pulled in. A 10 Cent Coke machine that dispense
- green bottles, with a Fresh Pretzel = a Super Treat.
A Pack of Newports and a pack of Fire Crackers and an Imperial Duncan Yo Yo for amusement. That how a Kid back then had Fun then.
I feel sorry for the kids today with their Video Games

Like John Cougar Sang "That's When a Smoke was a Smoke"

The Price of the Pretzel 4 for a Quarter Bub!

Newark Pretzels were the Best
Made in Brick Ovens in Lilly Street in Newark
Think about it - Selling Pretzel on the Corners was the First Drive Thru!

Yes that was the Newark adventure a kid like me could look back at.
If you bought a Pretzel from me I hope you enjoyed it.

John Desranlesu is a Car Show Photographer. You can view his work at:


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