Dave Aronow, Hot Dog Haven, 1963

by Marty Greenberg


I remember an incident on Chancellor avenue opposite Chancellor School that occurred in 1963 at Dave's Hotdog Haven, particularly their assault and contemplative murder of Dave Aronow, a good friend.

I was driving my car on Chancellor, just pulling over on the opposite side of Hot Dog Haven when I saw a crowd or about 45 people. Then I saw Dave running out of his store with a person, about 28 years old, chasing him from the store along with three other males. They got Dave against the tree just outside and as I was getting out of the car Dave saw me he called for help. I ran over, identified myself as a Newark Detective. The bad guy said I am going to kill him (meaning Dave) and then I am going to kill you.

By then I was next to Dave at the tree, I swung at the perp and hit him in the face and he went down fast. I didn't pull my pistol because I knew the others were in a close position to take me down and get my gun. However, as luck had it, (I went to Temple that morning) none of them charged me. I told the crossing guard to get on the corner police box and tell the desk Lt "assist officer" and give the location. She told me the district car was at the airport for security because Vice President Nixon was landing. I held the perp against a car, just waiting to grabbed by his friends. They didn't come near me. Finally, car 52 arrived and took him to the precinct to be booked.

What a day that was. And I missed my hot dog.


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