Memories of Clinton Hill

2020.07.06 Hawthorne Avenue by Sandra Smelson Frank
2016.05.05, 01:33:05 Clinton Avenue Section by Charles Interdonato
2007.06.12, 12:44:26 Fabyan Place "Making Money" by Jim Hunt
2007.03.12, 14:30:19 Buffington Street by Jim Hunt
2006.02.17, 12:15:27 A walk through the old neighborhood and Blessed Sacrament School by Larry Froelich
2005.04.25, 09:12:28 Clinton Hill by J. Kessler
2005.04.16, 14:47:43 383 Clinton Avenue by Cathy Blume
2005.02.28 Clinton Hill Section 1944-1951 by Gordon Keister
2004.06.01 My Grandfather's home on Girard Place by Ray Miller
2004.01.19 Recalling Some Clinton Hill/Weequahic Names and Places in the 40s and 50s by Barbara L. Rothschild
2003.02.25 The Ruptured Duck (Jan. 4, 1946) by Bill Newman
2003.02.25 Belly Woppin' by Bill Newman
2003.02.25 Haunted Houses by Bill Newman
2002.12.09 Abe Schmidt - The Blind Man by Bill Newman
2002.12.09 Potatoes For The Farmer's Market by Bill Newman
2002.12.01 Day Old Stores by Bill Newman
2002.12.01 Free Chocolate on Fridays by Bill Newman
2002.12.01 The 5 & 10? Store by Bill Newman
2002.12.01 The Neighborhood Grocer by Bill Newman
2002.11.27 Home Made Toys by Bill Newman
2002.11.27 The Hawthorne Theatre by Bill Newman
2002.11.27 The Playground by Bill Newman
2002.11.26 TheVegetable Store by Bill Newman
2002.11.25 Shoveling Coal by Bill Newman
2002.11.25 The Chinese Laundry by Bill Newman
2002.11.25 Hawthorne Avenue Luncheonette by Seymour Pierce
2002.10.23 Recalling the Joys of Stolen Elevator Rides in the 1930s by Bill Newman
2002.09.10 Clinton Hill in the 1930s by Steven Eli Schanes
2002.09.09 Seymour Avenue 1935 - 1938 by Steven Eli Schanes
2001.10.24 Clinton Hill Section by Ken Cypra
2001.03.10 The Clinton Hill Section by Marjorie M. Martin
2000.11.27 The Clinton Hill Section by Artie Kozlow