Newark, NJ

by Jerry Catalano


Newark, NJ … so many memories …

• I lived most everywhere, but Vailsburg and Down Neck. N. 6th, N. 7th, and N. 9th Streets, Newton St., Hawthorne Ave., S. 23rd St. (years 1942-1955)

• Attended St. Joseph’s, St. Francis Xavier, St. Charles Boromeo Parochial Schools and Madison Jr. High School.

• Living on Newton Street during the blizzard of 1947. We built a snow fort behind the nurses’ residence at Lutheran Memorial Hospital (Clara Maas) that seemed to last until April. City Hospital at the top of the hill. St. Vincent’s Academy, behind the old fence.

• Jumping the horse-drawn ice and vegetable peddlers’ wagons during the summers. The old ice house on N. 10th St. and Delavan Ave.

• Holiday parades up West Market Street. The old A&P store on West Market St.

• St. Joseph’s Boys’ Bugle Corps parading down Broad Street on St. Patrick’s Day.

• The dedication of St. Francis Xavier’s new church, attending school in the old houses before the school building was built.

• Corned beef sandwiches from Stash’s Anchor Inn on Hawthorne Ave. before they moved to Linden.

• 1st Supermarket, ACME near St. Rose of Lima Church.

• Army artillery units encamped in Branch Brook Park in the early 1950’s.

• Most of my childhood memories burned out in 1969. The familiar places replaced by rubble. That cold November night when I pulled up to the fence where St. Vincent’s Academy once stood. It looked like London after the blitz.

• Dedication of Newark Airport (Old North Terminal) by Uncle Fred Sayles (where I later worked).

• Channel 13 before Public Television.


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