Remembering Some Old Newark Related Ads, Slogans and Trademarks

by Nat Bodian


Newark businesses of the 1920s to the 1950s frequently relied on 'catchy' lines and slogans in their advertising to have their names, products, or services recognized and recalled by the consuming public.

Following is a sampling of some of those old slogans or advertising pitches to the best of my recollection.

Very likely, if you were around Newark in those years, you, too, may recall some of your own slogan or ad favorites.

If you will share them with me, I will add them to this list as appropriate.

  • Arnold Kleinert, electrician: "Electric Shop on Wheels"

  • Ballantine Ale (Newark-produced): "...satisfies all the way down!"

  • Bator's Bakery, Delicatessen & Dairy (1939): "Our Cold Cuts and Dairy Products Kept Under Refrigeration"

  • Branford Florist's Inc. : "Fashions in Flowers"

  • Broad National Bank: "We speak your language"

  • Coleman College (1930s): "Builders of Business Careers"

  • Dugan's Bakery: "Bakers for the Home Since 1878"

  • Earl Harper, Newark Bears Announcer (1930s) in Wheaties-sponsored broadcast: "W-N-E-W - We Newarkers Eat Wheaties"

  • Empire Burlesque: "Glorified Burlesque...Dazzling girls!"

  • Feigenspan's PON Beer: PON stood for "Pride of Newark"

  • Flax's Baby Carriages: "The Baby Carriage King!"

  • Food Fair: "America's Showplace of Food Values"

  • Harris Publications: "Direct Mail that Sells: One Call Does It All"

  • Hensler's Black Label: Whale of a Beer

  • Hoffman's Soda (radio commercial): "The prettiest girl I ever saw was drinking Hoffman's through a straw."

  • Hotel Douglas: Newark's Newest and Largest Hotel (1950s)

  • Hotel Robert Treat: "Nothing But the Best for the Robert Treat Guest"

  • Howard Savings Institution: "Newark's Family Savings Bank"

  • Hudson Tubes (Hudson & Manhattan Railroad) ( 1948 advertising to NYC riders) "Still a 5¢ fare" (subways went to 10¢)

  • Jack Tabachnik appetizers: "The Herring King"

  • Keer's Electrical Supply: "Keer's is always near"

  • Kings Supermarkets: "Mr. Joe Saves You Dough"

  • Krueger beer (radio commercial): Some pronounce it 'Krooger" ... Some pronounce it 'Kreeger'. Experts pronounce it 'Best'.

  • L. Bamberger & Co.: "One of America's Great Stores"

  • Mercer Russian-Turkish Baths: "The best rubbers in the city"

  • Millman's (at Weequahic Park): "Home of the foot-long hot dog"

  • Newark Drive-In Theatre (1950s): "Family entertainment at affordable prices"

  • Newark Evening News: "New Jersey's Newspaper of Record"

  • New Dreamland Arena (1941 advertising): "The only roller rink in two cities -- Newark and Elizabeth -- at the city line"

  • Orbach's-Newark: A business in millions, a profit in pennies

  • Perfect Laundry: "We wash everything but the baby"

  • Pet Shop: "From a guppy to a puppy"

  • Petty's Pharmacy (1930s): "Prescriptions in the millions"

  • Poppy Knitting Mills: "Poppy made mommy stop knitting"

  • Prudential Insurance Co.: "Has the strength of Gibraltar"

  • Reinfeld Frankfurters (1930s): "A Treat to Eat"

  • Rickel Plumbing Contractors: "Don't spend a nickel until you see Rickel"

  • Robert Hall clothes (radio Commercial): "Robert Hall this season will show you the reason. High quality. Low overhead"

  • Ronson Lighter (Newark-made): "Press it's lit, Release it's out"

  • Rotella's Beverages (1930s): "Always the Best"

  • Sabins (at Weequahic Park): "Sabins -- for delicious Hebrew National franks"

  • Schary Manor Caterers: "For Special Occasions"

  • Sherwin Williams Paint: "Covers the Earth"

  • S. Klein Department Store: "On the Square"

  • Tavern Restaurant: "The home of perfect cuisine"

  • 20th Century Cab Company: "Look for the diamond on the door"

  • Wilfred Academy (Hair & Beauty Culture): "The School of Famous Graduates"

  • WOR (radio station): "The Bamberger Broadcasting System"

  • YM-YWHA Building Fund Poster (1920): "The Next Best Place to Home" (Slogan by Louis V. Aronson).


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