The Only Job I Was Ever Fired From

by Jack Keegan


How I lost the job, One Friday the Manager asked me to go to the cellar and bring up a sack of potatoes .Using a key I removed the lock and opened the basement doors, lugged a sack of potatoes up and placed them on a hand truck. The hand truck was a two wheeled thing with a steel bracket at the end. That bracket was the culprit that did the damage.

Rolling the hand truck around the corner to the front of the shop, I hit the steel transom. The door had been held open with a wad of paper now swung closed. The steel bracket made contact with the door and with a great crash the glass broke. After sweeping up the glass we covered the opening as best we could. Shortly after the occurrence, the James Butler area Supervisor appeared and inquired about how this had happened. After being informed about the problem he mentioned to me that they would need me at their store on Cherry Street on Saturday. On Saturday with two nickels in my pocket I boarded a #34 bus on Fleming Avenue and traveled to Mulberry Street. From there I waked south to Cherry Street in time to meet the manager opening the store. All went well during the day, at lunch I spent my last nickel on a Coke to go with my brown bag lunch. At the close of day the Area Supervisor showed up and informed me that I was fired. And I was to receive any money owed me from the store on Fleming Avenue. Here I was broke miles from home without a cent. It was a long and bitter walk home that night.


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