by Jack Martin

My memories are not that old but I recall every Saturday going downtown with my Grandmother from Harrison on the 39 bus. This was 1964 till around 1969. I was born in 1958. Even though my Grandmother only road the bus on Saturday to and from every bus driver knew here by name.

We would shop at Woolworth and S. Klein on the Square, always having a bite to eat at the counter in Woolworth's and we would always have the same.

She would make purchases until we were unable to carry anymore, but the last stop was always the basement in Woolworth's to buy me a toy.

Another memory pertains to my other Grandparents who lived in Newark at the time. They lived in (correct me if I'm wrong) an apartment building the was named after one of the Breweries, possibly the Ballantine Apartments. This was in the early 60's and even though we were young, we were allowed to go out and play in the center courtyard of the apartments. The only problem was trying to remember what floor and apartment number they lived in. My Grandfather solved that problem by putting a beer coaster in the peep hole of their door. The exterior peephole was large enough to accommodate the coaster.

I was born and raised in Harrison but spent quite a bit of time visiting relatives and friends of my parents in Newark as my Mother was raised in Newark.

I just took my children this past Good Friday to the Newark Museum as I wanted to have a Newark shared experience with them as well.


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