Newark Memories 1930s

by Seymour Pierce

A few items that come to mind now that I am thinking "not so long ago", the 1930s.

To go to the Newark Bears games, we had to have a "knot hole gang " ticket. To get to Bears Stadium on Wilson Ave, Down Neck, we took the #4 trolley. Mc Quinn, Keller, Porter and especially Yogi Berra were a few of the "names" that eventually went from the "farm club" to the New York Yankees. At the game, the BABY RUTH candy bar was only sold during the 7th inning stretch. I recently learned that the Bears won the "little world series" in 1932. It was also in that decade (1934) that the great Carl Hubbel of the New York Giants, during the All Star Game, struck out 4 or 5 future Hall Of Famers in one game. [[Open for correction]] I believe they were Ruth, Gehrig, Foxx, Simmons and Cronin.

That was also the time that I had my own business, shining shoes at the famous Lincoln Statue in front of the Essex County Court House. Five cents, both shoes. Busy times they were in that area, the trolley tracks were being removed from the entire length of West Market Street, down past the Court Theatre, near High Street and we were all waiting for the arrival of bus service.

In High Schools, the rivalries were South Side, Weequahic, Central, St. Benedicts in Basketball and in Football. I recall that at that time Arts High had the greatest swimming teams in the state. Central High or Barringer excelled in fencing.

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