Newark's Building Boom

by Harry T. Roman


I have not seen anything like it in the city. There are new homes being built everywhere.

The old Hooten's Chocolate factory site on 5th Street (between Park and 4th Avenues), and its parking lot across the street, is covered now with new, and quite attractive, single- family homes.  

The former Dugan's Bakery plant on 4th and 3rd Streets is being knocked down as new single-family homes are being built.

Sussex Avenue between 6th and 7th Streets is the site of a whole block of new homes.

It's like this everywhere I wander.

The quiet blocks between Roseville Avenue and the old Girls Vocational School on 13th Street has new homes being squeezed onto empty lots. In fact, I do not think you can buy any empty lots in that area. They are all committed. Even old homes are being taken down to put new homes up. It's like this all over the city from what I can see. Something is happening in Old Newark.

It's having quite an effect on the schools too, as they are bulging at the seams. What we remember as big open schoolyards, are now crowded with temporary schoolrooms at just about every school.

How many of you remember how close Abington Avenue and First Avenue Schools are? You can see one from the other. Now they are both so overcrowded that a new school is being built between them--on the site of the old Coca-Cola bottling factory on First Avenue between 6th and 7th Streets.  
Something magical is happening in Old Newark


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