The Greatest Train Engine Ever GG1

by Bob Molee


Pennsylvania Railroad Engine GG1

What a beautiful design, and those things were built to last !!! My first memory of the GG1 was around 1964 or 1965. I was 6 years old, and my family was living on New Street in Newark. Every night my father would take a drive to Penn Station to buy the Newark Evening News. Every now and then he would take me and my sister with him.

While at the station, he would treat us to ice cream cones.....but the BIGGEST treat (for me) was when we would take an escalator upstairs to one of the platforms and wait for the next GG1 to arrive. Oh my God, what a thrill. I still remember the cooler temperature of that platform area...the train smell in the air. I would just stare at the tracks all the way into the distance, feeling so excited.....Sure enough, I'd see the headlight and hear that low horn as the train entered the station.

To a 6 year old's eyes, it was like watching a movie star coming towards me !! There it was again, that gigantic, loud, and powerful GG1 passing right by and leaving me in awe. After the train would stop, I would just stare at the passenger cars wondering about the people inside and their destinations. I would watch the train pull out until I could no longer see the red light on the last car. Then dad would take us home and put this thrilled little boy to bed. My dad took me often to that station. It was a simple act of love and to make his son happy. And so, I am almost 60 and I still carry a fascination with that symbolizes something special in my heart


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