Memories of Downtown

2020.07.12 Remembering Downtown Newark in the 1960's by Alfred Sonny Piccoli
2020.02.02 S. Kleins by Nat Jacobs
2016.07.12, 14:34:21 Memories of Kresge Newark Department Store by Alfred Quinton
2016.05.15, 02:17:04 The Robert Treat Hotel by Bruce Robinson
2016.05.05, 23:51:08 744 Broad Street by Charlotte Necina
2016.05.05, 23:50:33 744 Broad Street by Jule Spohn
2016.05.05, 01:37:15 Christmas Shopping "Downtown" by Grace Lerant
2016.05.05, 01:25:19 Downtown Newark on V-E Day, May 8, 1945 by Nat Bodian
2016.05.04, 23:48:32 Bambergers by Raymond
2016.05.04, 23:48:09 Bambergers by Ken Anonymous
2016.05.04, 18:47:30 North Reformed Church by Jule Spohn
2016.05.04, 18:46:46 Downtown Newark by Jule Spohn
2016.05.04, 18:41:06 Loft’s on Broad and Market by Sheila D'Amico
2016.05.04, 18:35:37 Downtown Newark's Strange Anomaly by Nat Bodian
2007.08.24, 17:23:25 Santa at Bambergers' by Andrew Fresco
2007.08.21, 10:45:41 Sunday Evening Ritual by Dave Eccles
2007.08.20, 19:27:47 Memories of Newark by Rose Eccles
2007.02.28, 21:50:28 Novelty Bar and Grill by Janet Thieberger
2007.02.04, 22:25:38 Flagpole Story of Newark's Tallest Building by Nat Bodian
2006.12.05, 00:48:53 Newark Museum and Old School House in Park by Robert Weiss
2006.10.31, 02:39:00 Downtown Newark Memories by Kenneth Allan
2006.08.08, 13:15:30 The Newark i remember! by April Thompson
2006.08.03, 22:30:51 Remembering the way it was by Kevin Wright
2006.03.28, 15:43:18 Memories of Downtown by Florence Colandro
2005.08.01, 15:52:31 St. Patricks by Maryanne Van Sant
2005.07.02, 17:40:42 Early memories by Linda Klocker
2005.06.04, 22:09:53 Rembering Downtown - It Was a Wonderful Live by Theresa Koza - Raniero
2005.05.27, 23:55:23 The way we were! by Angie Fearon
2005.03.28, 05:47:13 YMCA by John McEvoy
2005.03.20, 14:47:43 Hahne's, Bamberger's & Downtown by Newark Talk Collective
2004.11.18 An Australian's 1915 Report of a Celebration in Downtown Newark by Nat Bodian
2004.03.03 Memories of Bambergers by Bernice Blake
2004.03.03 The Market Street Area by John P. Rotondo
2004.01.23 Woolworth's by Dave Hosseini
2003.12.03 The Future of the Hahne's & Griffith Buildings by Jule Spohn
2003.10.20 Newark's Tallest Building: Evolution - Deterioration - Rebirth by Nat Bodian
2003.10.13 Low Moon Restaurant by Charles McGrath
2003.10.09 Bambergers in 1929: What Went On Inside the Store by Nat Bodian
2003.05.06 Bambergers and Other Memories by Harry T. Roman
2003.03.25 McGovern's Tavern by Charles McGrath
2003.02.01 Chinese Restaurants on Mulberry Street by Jule Spohn
2002.11.27 The Upholstery Company by Bill Newman
2002.11.26 Bamberger's Department Store by Bill Newman
2002.11.26 Bamberger's Sign Shop by Bill Newman
2002.10.08 Plastic by Seymour Pierce
2002.10.07 Off Broad Street by Ray Neveil
2002.10.06 Downtown Stores by Perry Hamburg
2002.09.19 Recalling Parades that Started at Lincoln Park by Nat Bodian
2002.03.03 The Bamberger's Thanksgiving Day Parade by Nat Bodian
2002.03.03 The Four Corners Traffic Tower by Nat Bodian
2002.02.18 The "Big 3" Department Stores: Their Life and Times by Nat Bodian
2001.09.27 The Newark Museum - Home to Me by Harry T. Roman
2001.09.08 Newark's Downtown Theatres by Ron Pasquale
2001.07.10 Housecraft Inc. by Nat Bodian
2001.03.10 Downtown by Sandy Rachmiel
2000.11.29 Downtown by Barbara Watkins Kaufmann
2000.11.14 Downtown by Doris A. Palmer
2000.08.14 Downtown by Jill Verderosa
2000.08.13 Downtown by Angela Degennaro Lucas