Funeral Parlours

by Newark Talk Collective


Jule Spohn:
As people lived and died in Newark, especially around the turn of the century people were buried more and more from funeral homes. Prior to that time they were "laid out" in their own homes.

And, of course, the funeral homes were established basically for, and by, people of the same nationality. For example my mother's side of the family were Irish and almost all of our family were buried from James F. Caffrey and Son who were down on Pennsylvania Ave and then later in the 60's or 70's moved up to Lyons Ave in Irvington. My Spohn side of the family were German and almost all of they were buried from Haeberly and Barth on Clinton Ave.

Where were your family members buried from?

Where else would good Down Neck Germans go:
John H. Broemel at 347 Lafayette Street

Jim Bates:
MY father's side used Rotundi(?) Funeral Home in the Roseville section. Mother's side used John F. Murphy on Sanford Avenue.

As far as I can remember the Polish families used Ruicki. Not sure of their address then, but they have since merged with a different home.

All of my family was buried primarily from Haeberle & Barths on Clinton Ave., Irvington. Don't ever remember one being on Springfield Ave. Are you maybe thinking of Lytwyn and Lytwyn? They were on Springfield Ave.?

My parents and grandparents were interned at Haberle and Barth on Clinton Ave in Irvington, just a few blocks west of Irvington Center.

Mother, Father, Sister, Brother-in-law all buried from Berardinelli on Mt. Prospect Avenue. Newark.

My family used Tamburro on 13th Ave.

If you were a parishioner at St. Benedict's Church ,Niagara and Barbara Sts. ,Down Neck , more than likely your family and friends were laid out at Bernauer's Funeral Home.

Nicky G:
Jules I don't think I will but most of my family were at Tamburro Funeral. I'm going to VA

Pat (Miceli) Haderthauer:
I remember older Miceli family members being buried from Bibbo Funeral Home on Ferry St. and also from Galante's on Pacific St., and in later years from their other branches. My husband's German relatives were buried from Brueckner in Newark and George Ahr in Irvington. His Irish relatives used Murphy and I think it was Burns on Sanford Ave, near Sacred Heart Church. The families were definitely divided according to nationality.

Phil Lynch:
I was checking on the Web site and there was a new listing of Joseph P. Murphy Funeral Home. I was recently doing some research on my family and my Grandfather Charles H. Lynch was buried out of this funeral home in 1944. I lived down neck with my family until 1993. I did not even realize there was a funeral home at that address because a friend of my mother's now lives in that house. I sure would like to see a picture of that funeral home when it was in operation.

Karen Z.:
Murphy's Funeral Home on Fleming Ave. Down Neck handled most if not all the funerals for St. Aloysius Church. My grandmother was buried from there in 1961.

I remember it as a red-brick townhouse-style building---but my memory plays tricks on me.

Anyway, it was on the North side of Fleming

Charles McGrath:
John Murphy had two funeral parlors.
The one on Fleming Avenue as Karen indicated handled the funerals for Saint Aloysius Church.
Which for me was the Down Neck contingent of our family.
The second one was on Sandford Avenue in Vailsburg.
Which for me was the Mortgage Hill contingent of our family.

Charles McGrath:
Your memory was not playing tricks on you.
It was a one story red brick building.
With a tavern directly across the street.
The tavern as you know is an integral part of most Irish wakes.

Charles, The tavern that I remember was Reznak's, corner of Brill St. and Fleming Ave. right across from Murphy's Funeral Home. Where Reznak's was is now a "churrasqueira" (barbecue take out) and where Murphy's was is now being developed ,new 2 family homes from Fleming Ave to Raymond Blvd.

Phil Lynch:
I agree with Rich, my mother had mistaken that 120 Fleming Ave. was between Brill and Freeman St. But after I looked it up, the address is actually between Brill and Richards Sts. With the actual address being more toward the corner of Richards St. And there is definitely new construction going on in that area. I was just there 2 months ago.


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