The Restored Settlers Monument

by Jule Spohn


I was at Fairmount Cemetery this morning and watched as the most important Historic monument in Newark was unloaded from the trucks after being restored by the Polich Art Works Company in Rock Tavern, New York. They did a magnificent job in it's restoration.

Under this Historic Monument are the remains of the first 65 families and their descendants who first settled in Newark in 1666. Their remains, which were originally in the Old Burying Ground, which is now the area surrounding Branford Place, were removed to Fairmount Cemetery in the late 1800's and placed in the crypt under this monument, which has the names of the original sixty five families, and the names and "marks" of the settler's and the Indians who negotiated the land deal.

I began writing letters to the Star Ledger, the Mayor, and the Newark Preservation and Landmarks Committee, back in 1998 urging them to restore this badly deterioration historic monument. Funds were raised several years ago and the monument was removed to the Polich Art Works where it was finished over a year ago. After a long delay by the City of Newark in laying the foundations for the monument I again sent letters to the Mayor and the Engineering Dept. several months ago asking them to have this work done as soon as possible. I received a call from Mr. Alvin Zach of the Engineering Dept. several weeks ago informing me that the foundation would be shortly put in place, which was done about three weeks ago. And today I was there to watch the return of this historic monument.

I urge everyone to take a ride up to Fairmount Cemetery and take a look at this most important piece of Old Newark's History.


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