by Susan


Both my parents were born and raised in Newark and both their families started in the city when they came from Europe. Mom in the Iron Bound section (Ukrainians) and Dad (Irish) in the city itself. Grandpa used to tell me stories about the city as it was when he was a boy. My Great Grandpa Lalor had a saloon in Newark called the Eureka Cafe. He seemed to do alright for an immigrant, he had a big house with live-in help on Summer Avenue. They had a men's club at the cafe and we still have the banner/flag that Grandpa, his father and 7 brothers used to parade with on Holy Name Day in Newark wearing top hats and tails.

From all the stories Grandpa told me it sounded like an exciting life back then. He went to parochial school and used to have to miss lunch because his Dad would have him run to the saloon and pick up the men's bets, then run them to a department store where the bookmaker worked as a floor man. By the time Grandpa would get back to school he would be late and in trouble with the nuns. My Dad's first cousin Mike Lalor is currently the chief of the Newark Fire Department but I have never met him that I can recall. (Maybe as a little kid I did.)


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