The Bakers

by Jule Spohn

Growing up in the 40's and 50's we had wonderful bakers and bakery shops here in Newark. Some of the larger ones were Bond Bread; Dugan Brother's Products; Fisher's "Butter Cup" bread; Pechter's bread and rolls; Silvercup Bread; Taystee bread and cup cakes; Tip Top; and Wagner Pies.

Almost every neighborhood had their local bakeries and pastry shops. In my neighborhood on 12th Street close to Central Ave we had the White Castle Bakery which filled the neighborhood with wonderful smells. Sometimes when we were kids, if we were lucky, the bakers would give us a few buns or whatever kinds of pastry they were baking at that moment. What a treat.

Down on the corner of 10th Street and South Orange Ave we had an old German bakery. Every Sunday on my way home from church I stopped in and brought home six "crumb" buns; six cheese buns; and a coffee ring. I remember at Thanksgiving and Christmas they used to roast the turkey for many families in the neighborhood.

My grandfather - my father's father - was a baker but had lost his home and bakery shop during the depression, and had to pull all of his kids out of school in order to support the family. I always remember when I was growing up in the 40's and early 50's that during the Christmas holiday season he would make "strudel" and other types of German cakes and pastry's. I can still smell and taste them to this day.


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