What Would I Do?

by Old Newark Memory Submission


Here are some places I would go back to:

Newark 1958 - Downtown around Christmas time at nighttime.
I would visit all the stores – blend in with all the shoppers.
Enjoy a Hot Chocolate at Schraft’s, then go to all lunch counters and soda fountains, and sample the best on the menu.
Window-shop – check out all the toys – Say "Merry Christmas" with out reservation to all the shoppers.

Walk on South Orange Avenue 1957 – visit all the stores.

Go to Olympic Park 1956 enjoy all the rides.

Visit Tuscan Dairy 1946 when it was a real dairy farm. See all the cows and see my father working there.

Be on Central Avenue on May 1967 – witness my brother on his first drag race.

Vailsburg Park 1957 – Play Bocce Ball with the Italian fellows, talk with all the pretty girls – Get a hot dog from the vendor by the bar – sample all of the old Newark Beers from the tap.

Be at Newark downtown Parades (Holy Name Society /St. Patrick’s/ Columbus Day)

Walk the tree lined streets of Newark 1941.

I would go back to St. Antoninus go across the street to Pop’s candy store
Visit in the morning watch all the kids play in the street and playgrounds – (Could you imagine that kids ran back then?)
Buy myself a real big Lemon Ice & a bag of Bon Ton Potato Chips, and go outside and watch the patrol boys go to their assigned post.
Then watch all the children come out of school with the Nuns leading the procession.
I would revisit my classroom in session 4th grade.

Go to church on Christmas Eve – 1956 St. Antoninus – Latin Mass the old fashion pre Vatican I - listen to the great boys choir.

Visit Irvington Center 1967 Christmas eve.

Go back to the street where my wife grew up and watch her walking home from school 1959

Go to all of the Newark School dances 1956 Westside H.S – Go to all the soda fountain stores – Jukeboxes where all the kids hung out, dig the great Rock & Roll.

Go to the Battle of the Bands Irvington H.S 1968. Dance up a storm
Then go to Don's Dinner. Have a breakfast at the classy Kless dinner

Have an Ice Cream at Grunning's on the Hill 1946 with the bobby sox crowd.

Sample all of the old-fashioned candies and sodas that are no longer in existence. That's when a Devil Dog was a Devil dog - no artificial additives.
I would drink all the sodas -Hoffman - Cotts - Sweet Sixteen - Crush - Nun Grape - Pied Piper to name a few.

Be on South Orange Ave 1962 when John F Kennedy Drives by in his motorcade and wave to him.

Yeah, I would probably enjoy smoking cigarette’s while I’m back there. What the heck.......

Well that would be some of the things that I would do.


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