Newark Memories

by Teri


I moved to Newark, N. J. around 1956. My father and two older brothers moved to Buffington Street off of Fabyan Place.

I frequently visited Walt's Candy Store (owner's wife name was Carie) on Nye Avenue and Schley Street. Several of my older brother's friend "hung" there. In fact, I met my husband there during my early teen years.

During high school we moved to 16th Street between Avon and Springfield Avenues. I attended Weequahic H. S. on Chancellor Avenue and remember being able to leave the school grounds and have lunch at nearby lunch places on Chancellor Avenue.

I remember missing the school bus intentionally so that I could see my friends from my old neighbor off of Fabyan Street for awhile and spend the bus fare at Walt's Candy store on my walk home. I must admit the walk home after this enjoyment took about an hour or more but I always felt it was worth it.

I remember going to the grocery store at the corner of Avon and 16th Street for our milk and bread and the owner would use a pencil on a brown paper bag and add the purchase up manually. If you didn't have the money to pay then, he would write you down in a bound binder and you would come in at the end of the week and pay your bill. If I recall, we could purchase milk and bread for under a dollar.

I remember getting my drivers license and thinking nothing of driving and parking on the city streets.

I only wish that it were possible to purchase a home in Newark at that time and perhaps many of us would have stayed in the city. I remember the taxes on a three family home was about 3,300.00 and my husband and I were in our early twenties and thought how could we ever afford this later on in life if taxes were to keep gong up.
Unfortunately several of our friends had to make the same decision and relocate.

I only wish my children could have had the good memories and fun I had growing up in Newark.


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