by Francine Tretola


Newark will always be #1 on my list. We attended St. Rocco's on Ashland St. The main Church was on Hunterdon St. My grandfather owned a business called "Modern Sportswear" on 14th Avenue. We lived on So. 15th St., where we were surrounded by a fish market, fruit and vegetable market and a deli. Some of my friends went to 15th Ave. school. For entertainment my mom would give us $5.00 and we would take the 31 So. Orange Avenue bus and head on up to the Stanley Movies. At one time, we were going to West Side H.S. for our Sabin oral sundays (an oral vaccine). We lived during the riots which were scary and fun at the same time. Mr. Softee and Mr. Humor always came around on the warm nights. My big event for the week was going downtown to Bamberger's with my grandmother every Saturday. My neighborhood was mostly Italian and Hispanic, but we all got along. We left Newark in 1968. I haven't been back since. Although I did attend Girl's Vocational H.S. on North 13th St. I graduated there in 1972. I could go on and on. Also, this was the time where Dave Toma the famous cop was in that area. Does anyone remember Dave?


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