The Memories of Nat Bodian

2016.05.05, 14:27:02 A Depression-Era Recollection of the Knot-Hole Gang
2016.05.05, 14:23:07 Newark's Oldest Standing Synagogue Building
2016.05.05, 01:25:47 Newark's 1945 "V-E Day" City Commission Election
2016.05.05, 01:25:19 Downtown Newark on V-E Day, May 8, 1945
2016.05.05, 01:24:48 Der Grubber Peddler
2016.05.04, 23:50:54 The Jewish Funeral Homes of Newark: Now a Single Entity with Three Centuries of Experience
2016.05.04, 23:45:08 End of an Enduring Newark Jewish Establishment
2016.05.04, 18:35:37 Downtown Newark's Strange Anomaly
2007.06.21, 20:54:01 Newark's Newspapermen During World War II - Who They Were and What They Did
2007.06.12, 18:30:33 Newark's Own Ernie Pyle in World War II: Warren H. Kennet of the Newark News
2007.06.12, 13:35:58 Ernie Pyle's Newark Connection: A Widow's Recollection
2007.06.12, 11:41:32 What Moe's Early 1930s Daring-Do Did
2007.03.26, 20:59:13 Recollections of Bergen Street's Park Theatre
2007.02.13, 05:48:44 Recalling the Rise and Fall of Weequahic as a Jewish Neighborhood
2007.02.13, 05:35:44 Bergen Street - Jewish Weequahic's 1940's-1950's Shopping Center
2007.02.10, 19:39:30 Newark's 1880s Boxing Champ -- Faced John L. Sullivan
2007.02.04, 22:25:38 Flagpole Story of Newark's Tallest Building
2006.12.04, 17:32:51 Recalling Jewish Names and Nicknames from 1920s-1940s Newark
2006.10.31, 02:04:50 Third Ward Nosherei Landmark and Pinockle Hang-Out: 1920s-1930s
2006.05.23, 12:55:33 Newark Newsman's Scariest Story
2006.04.24, 22:06:47 Historic Account of Earlier Newark Sunday News
2006.03.28, 14:08:57 A Look Back at the Newark Drive-In -- Lifestyle of a Bygone Era
2006.02.28, 11:25:08 Recalling Jerry Nusbaum: Newark's "Walter Winchell"
2006.02.06, 11:51:33 Lifetime Newarker and Legendary Journalist/Author/Historian
2005.03.15 From Newark Armory to the Amazon: An Unusual World War II Memory
2004.12.28 Remembering Newarkers from Golden Age of the American-Jewish Boxer
2004.11.24 Looking Back at Newark Origins of World-Famous M&M Chocolates
2004.11.18 An Australian's 1915 Report of a Celebration in Downtown Newark
2004.09.26 Fond Recollections of Former Millman Patrons
2004.09.24 Remembering Millman's on Meeker Avenue: Home of the Famous Foot-Long Hot Dog
2004.08.10 Ted Fiorito: The Newark Son of Italian Immigrants who Became One of Greats of American Music
2004.08.05 Newark's Role in Rock & Roll
2004.07.18 How a Former Star-Eagle Reporter Described the 1930s at the Paper
2004.07.18 Remembering Some Old Newark Related Ads, Slogans and Trademarks
2004.07.18 Newark's 3rd Ward Yiddish Theatre: A Replica of NYC's Second Avenue
2004.06.13 Before Radio -- Newark's Unique 1911-1912 Telephone Newspaper
2004.06.11 Snippets of My Newark-Related WWII Memories as Posted on
2004.05.29 The Most-Enduring Mom 'n Pop Business in the Old Third Ward: Their Story
2004.05.25 Fabulous Tavern Restaurant Coconut Cream Pie Recipe Revealed at Last!
2004.05.04 The Landsmanshaftn of Newark
2004.04.08 Recalling Two Active in the Third Ward Who Later Became 'Gods' in Their Art
2004.04.08 Third Ward's Ideal Vegetarian Restaurant in 1930s and 1940s
2004.03.03 Are Old Newark Memories US History? Some High School Juniors said "Yes"
2004.03.02 Newark's Colorful Depression-Era Jewish Mayor: "Champion of the City"
2004.02.12 Looking Back at the Newark of 1835-36 and a Glimpse of Some of Its Townsmen
2004.01.30 Rise and Fall of Newark Underworld Character During Longy Zwillman Era
2004.01.24 Syd's Hot Dogs: History of a Weequahic Landmark
2004.01.20 My Links to Newark Airport Before and During World War II
2004.01.09 News-Reporting from the Field by Telegraph in Pre-World War II
2004.01.08 Life Inside the Newark Evening News as Recalled by William Gordon
2003.12.02 Recalling a 1938 Telegram About Boat Races on Weequahic Park Lake
2003.12.02 Philip Roth -- Literary Superstar Newark's Weequahic Section Hero
2003.11.22 Newark: Cradle of Cycling in the Sport's Golden Age
2003.11.13 1942 Armistice Day Remembrance with Unforeseen 2003 Veterans Day Wind-Up
2003.11.09 Harlem Globetrotters Newark Visits: Jewish Player was Keenest Opponent
2003.10.20 Newark's Tallest Building: Evolution - Deterioration - Rebirth
2003.10.09 Bambergers in 1929: What Went On Inside the Store
2003.09.09 The Legendary Philanthropies of Newark's Louis Bamberger
2003.09.08 Donation of Trees to Park That Became a Newark Historic Site
2003.08.25 The Newark Scenic Postcard Man and His Two Sons: Their Story
2003.08.18 Colorful History of Newark's Street Trolley Cars: From Birth to Death
2003.08.07 Overseas Newark Newspaper that Captured the 'Wartime Flavor' of Downtown Newark
2003.08.07 Eyewitness Description of an 1880s Boxing Match in Newark
2003.08.03 When the Nazis Came to Newark -- Details Now Unveiled
2003.07.06 The Shvitz: The Three Third Ward Bath Houses that Served Newark's Jewish Community in the 1920s/1930s
2003.07.06 Newark the Beautiful: Description in America's First Geography in 1820's
2003.06.25 Presidents that have Visited Newark
2003.06.01 The Untermanns: Husband and Wife Judges Who Left Their Mark on Newark
2003.05.18 The YM-YWHA Movement in Newark From 1877 Birth to End in 1969
2003.05.05 Looking Back at Newark During Prohibition Era
2003.05.05 A Recollection of Newark of 1939 and After the Riots
2003.04.09 How Newark Pictured Itself on 100th Birthday as City
2003.03.23 Kid from Roseville Avenue: Baseball's Brainiest Player ...and Top World War II Spy
2003.03.17 Third Ward's Most Newsworthy Event: A Crime-Boss Funeral
2003.02.18 The St. Barnabas Hospital Was on Montgomery Street
2003.02.11 "Heaven" Comes to a Corner of Newark's Old Third Ward
2003.02.01 Untold Story of My New Dreamland Roller Skates During World War II
2002.12.31 A Legacy of Old Jewish Newark: The Once-Famous "Watson Bagel"
2002.12.24 Going to a North Newark College for $5 a Credit
2002.12.23 The Yiddish-English Weekly Paper Published in Newark's Third Ward
2002.12.15 Third Ward Businessman's Life is Told in Published Memoir to Grandchildren
2002.12.05 Looking Back at Life at Monmouth Street School in the 1920's/1930's
2002.11.24 Looking Back at The Tavern: A Great Newark Restaurant
2002.11.17 1940's Memories of the New Dreamland Arena Roller Rink
2002.11.11 The First Time a "George Bush" Came to Newark
2002.10.30 A Look Back at Newark's Most Bizarre Sports Event -- and the Man Behind It
2002.10.26 Remembering Newark's Only Jockey: Known as "Buddy"
2002.10.24 Customer Recollections of The Tavern's Coconut Cream Pie
2002.10.11 Recalling Set-Up Day When the Circus Came to Newark
2002.10.11 Recalling Third Ward Family Name Changes in the 1920s & 1930s
2002.09.26 The Scharys of Schary Manor -- Caterers for Special Occasions
2002.09.19 Recalling Parades that Started at Lincoln Park
2002.09.18 The Once Great Newark Evening News: A Remembrance & Obituary
2002.09.12 Recalling the Third Ward's Three Movie Houses, and Its Live Yiddish Theatre
2002.09.06 Recalling a Monmouth St. School Student Who Made it Big in The Big Apple
2002.08.28 Recalling Newark News Writer Howard Garis and His Rabbit
2002.08.26 Recalling Third Ward Synagogues Designated as Historic Places
2002.08.25 Recalling the Colorful History of a Newark VFW Post Established in 1907
2002.08.25 Explaining the GI Bill to Newark's WWII Veterans
2002.08.25 How a Bergen St. Booklender's Son Changed the Look of Library Books
2002.07.05 Recalling an Earlier Beth Israel Hospital in the Old Third Ward
2002.07.05 Recalling a Newark Son Who Rose to Greatness....and His Father
2002.05.20 Books About the Third Ward Written by Former Neighborhood Dwellers
2002.05.20 Remembering The Newark Sunday Call
2002.05.20 Books About the Third Ward Written by Former Neighborhood Dwellers
2002.04.14 Burlesque at the Empire Theatre
2002.04.07 The Weequahic Diner: A Newark Landmark & Tradition
2002.03.24 A 1940 Night in the Essex County Courthouse/Hall of Records
2002.03.21 Laurel Garden
2002.03.16 Teenage Rise as Star-Ledger Sports Reporter
2002.03.16 Story Behind an Odd WW2 Newark Newspaper
2002.03.03 The Bamberger's Thanksgiving Day Parade
2002.03.03 The Four Corners Traffic Tower
2002.02.18 The "Big 3" Department Stores: Their Life and Times
2002.02.18 The Hebrew Orphanage & Sheltering Home in the Late 1940s
2002.02.12 Remembering the Newsreel Theatre
2002.02.11 Recalling the Mosque Theatre & Building
2002.02.04 Late 1920s Business Life in the Third Ward
2002.01.29 Childhood Penny Candy Decisions
2002.01.25 Recalling Street Vendors in the 1920s
2002.01.14 Recalling the Early Days of Broadcast Radio in Newark
2002.01.07 Nat Bodian talks with Eddie Steinberg, theatre owner/operator, between 1938 and 1968
2001.07.10 Housecraft Inc.
2001.06.28 Revisiting the Old High Street "Y": Newark's Jewish Social and Cultural Oasis
2001.06.20 Life on Prince Street in the 1920s and 1930s
2001.06.14 Longy Zwillman: The notorious Gangster from Newark's Third Ward
2001.06.11 Weequahic Park as a Sports Site
2001.05.24 Montgomery Street in the 1920s