Nicky Newark Credentials

by Old Newark Memory Submission


Smokes: Marlboro's/Luckys/Cools

Does a wicked French Inhale

Dressup – Chinos Black Slack Shark skin H.I.S

High Roll – White Tee or Ginny Tee – Italian Knits

Ban-lon Shirts – Mohair Sweaters - Swank Cufflinks

Definitely a Black Leather Jacket

Greasy Hair – Combed like Elvis / Side Burns (Optional)

Rayban Shades -Wrap around French Riviera style

Juice Gum

Yea Man Yea Man

Pointed Tom McCann /Florshine shoes Glass bottoms

Canoe cologne

In his pockets - Zippo Lighter and an Ace Comb

Always looking Cool

Never showing off - Not his style

Always on the look out for Johnny Law

Digs Rock and Roll

Low Lights and in the corner with his Squeeze when at a party.

Likes Hot Rods and Harleys

Goes to Drive Ins for Submarine races

Always sits in the Balcony at the Movies

He's a make out champ

Has plenty of Hickeys to show victory!

Never goes steady

Never backs down

Cuts School on regular basis

Never follows.

If you had him as a friend - He would never let you down

You would never catch him Wearing Penny Loafer - Breaded Belts - Sandels - Cut Offs

He would walk an old lady across the street

They are the best guys to have fun with - their were the Action is

At dances they are great dancer - with Black rhythm in their moves yet smooth and cool.

You would never catch then doing The Huck-A-Buck

He's not a Squire Daddy! - He's Newark Thru and Thru


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