Living Next to the Horse Stables

by Wes Gromlich


Believe it or not the horse and wagon era was still going on in 1958 at the horse stable located on S. 12th Street in Newark. Horse and wagons were dispatched from that location for the rag man. 
Needless to say this is not a pleasant memory of mine, as the odors became totally unbearable especially in the summer as they wafted up to my third floor bedroom directly next door to the stables. In addition rats were a major problem, and many a night I rode my bike in the alley to my apartment but had to throw something down the alley first to scatter the rats that would be lurking. 
This is probably not one of the better memories of Newark, and unfortunately I really can't think of many good memories of Newark. Having lived in the West Kinney Housing Projects also did not provide any long lasting pleasant memories - nothing but terrible memories haunt me from my days in Newark. 
My wife and I will be visiting that area of the country again this year - my first visit in many, many years and I do so with great trepidation.


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