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How many people remember going to Caruso's. It was on the Blvd below Penn Station. They had what every thing you could want to eat from sandwich to fish and fruit. We would go there at night. We would go to the drive in when it was too hot. The rich old Newarkers had fans, the poor ones like me didn' have them. Boy, thosewere the days.

How about the days when it was too hot we would sleep on the back porch or even on the roof. How many people remember those days?

NickyG-- How about sleepig on the fire escape, with that Jersey mosquito biting the heck out of you? Or how about in the winter timein the cold water flats, taking that ice cold shower. I think we must have set a worl record for taking the fastest shower. Dan

Dan- I don't like to think of that time of the year, but we didn't have a shower for a shower we had to go to Morris Ave. Baths

Jule Spohn:
Hello there. I forgot about not having a shower either. For many of my early years, up till I was about 14 or so, we only had a bathtub - no shower. However, my mother had some type of rubber hose contraption that had a shower head on the end of it - that was the shower. Forgot all about that all these years.

I'm with Jule on this one. I never knew what a shower was until I went to high school.

And, while on this I-was-poorer-than-you discussion thread, let me point out that my Central Ward tenement was built before electricity. Does anyone remember gas jets in the walls of every room? At our apartment, those disabled jets were called "closets." Wonderful coat hooks.

Jule Spohn:
Hello Manny. I've lived in several apts and even my last house in Jersey City had those "closed-up" gas pipes sticking out of the walls.

All the years that we lived on Darcy St. a "shower" was with one of those hand held rubbery smelling hoses attached to the faucet with the shower like head at the end.Geez, how did we ever survive?

Geez, you guys bring back a lot of memories...showers, gas light fixtures...remember the iron water heaters usually found in the kitchens...and the black iron coal about the kerosene heaters we used to heat up the rooms in the winter,we didn't have steam heat or radiators.

Jule Spohn:
Hello Quint and everyone. When I was in High School and living on South 12th Street we had two kerosean heaters - one large one in the living room and one attached to the kitchen stove. Every morning before I left for school I had to go down into the basement and bring up 5 gallons of kerosean to fill up the one in the kitchen. That heated all of the back of the house - kitchen, bathroom, and two bedrooms. My mother had a very heavy curtin which she closed over at night when she shut off the kerosean heaater in the living room. When my father got home from work - he worked on the night shift - he would then fill up the stove in the living room and then the whole apt would warm up.



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