Christmas 1947

by Seymour Pierce


Snow storm, you say?. It brings back the memory of the day after Christmas, 1947, "The '47 storm". We were out delivering belated Christmas mail [and bills and IRS forms ] when the "flurries " kept coming and coming down.

The light flurries eventually piled up to 27 beautiful inches. For the next week or so, many of us WALKED streets that are familiar to all of us. Sometimes, if lucky, we caught a bus, heading downtown from the various "carbarns ". Avenues > Springfield, So. Orange, Central, Clinton, 18th, Avon.

I'm sure all neighborhoods had the their hearty groups who braved the elements to get to their daily work. {Great work-ethic }. The snow seemed to hang around till April and because there was not as much pollution, it remained almost "white" and "picture like". I must add again about dedication to get to work. That's "going postal".

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