As I Remember Newark

by Richard Feuerherm


Born - 1930 - 638 S. 6th St.
Mom - Martha Feuerherm, Dad - Paul Gotlieb Feuerherm
Sisters - Alice Elliott, Ronnie Feuerherm, Dolores Feuerherm, Renee Feuerherm
Brothers - Paul, Robert, Charles Feuerherm
Only family still alive - Renee and I.
Newark......S.10th St. School, Westside High, Essex County Vocational and Tech. High (Irvington) . Jimmy Buff's Italian Hot Dogs, " The House" pool parlor 9th st. 16th Ave, Ritz movie theater, and "fat pretzels (1 for a nickel , 3 for a dime) Springfield Ave., Westside skating on the pond in the winter and snow sleighing on the hills, concerts in the park in the summer. Branchbrook park and the Cherry Blossoms in the spring. Bambergers Dpt Store, Hanes, Kresges Xmas window displays and Parades. Penn Station, "Down Neck.......the Ironbound". #1 Newark Bus, # 6 Crosstown, # 25 Springfield Ave., Fairmount and Woodland Ave Cemeteries.
"Blum St. and clip on roller skating", kick the can and "caddy" (with Mom's broom stick handles ......cut down).
Waiting for the "Ice Man" on horse and wagon delivering Ice blocks.......jumping on wagon grabbing "Ice slivers".
St. Ann's Catholic Church , St. John's Lutheran Church, St, Paul's Presb. Church (down neck).
Shinning Shoes for a nickel (built your own shoe box). Collecting deposits on Milk bottles (2 cents).
WWII school parades and raising money for US War Bonds. Air raid drills,ducking under desks in school, street air raid wardens, rationing food stamps,
gasoline 11 cents a gal.......rationed during WWII by gas stamps. Car headlights painted over half way from the top of light to "dim" light shinning .......air raid precaution. Cigarettes one cent each bought loose at "candy/newspaper stores".
The Ringling Bros, Barnum Bailey Circus came to town at Irvington garden state parkway then, just empty lots. Hitching rides up to Boylen Ave or Olympic Park (no threats in those days). Police patrolman walking the streets.
Curfew after kids outside after 6PM in the winter, 8 PM in the summer.
Neighbors getting together in summer on "somebody's porch"..........always a "Tin of Beer", pop for the kids or Kool-aid. Ballantines, Hensler, Hoffman Soda Bottle at Hoffman plant , S. Oragen Ave.
My favorite memory at age of 6 years old and walking with older brother Bob behind our home in Rahway. Brother Bob told me then that all the open land behind our house would some day be a great big highway. It came in the 1950's as the Garden State Parkway. Going down to the Newark Airport........1940's to watch airplanes (never thought I'd be working there years later).
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