The Thoughts of Peter Grimm Part 2

by Peter Grimm


Remember that nice smell of burning wires who knows what the public baths were for. Any one skated on the lake with band and gas lights. Remember the old man who polished the gas street lights, he had a little ladder. I wonder if Newark could revert to gas street lights, of course we would know what would happen. Well I bathed in the public baths into the 1950s. For 5 cents you got soap and towel

Please forgive my ramblings. All the people I knew are gone into the days of yore. The newark i knew was a magical place. I knew it as a fairy land. You young people have been robbed of an experience of patently standing in line with your fellow towns men. We sang together, loved each other. We never met strangers. Most of us left our door unlocked because the keys were all the same. You could buy them in Woolworth's, 2 for a nickel. They were called skeleton keys. If a black kid lived in your house you went to school with him. Thank you for being my neighbors

In 1948 there was a gang fight, NY City verses New Jersey. We ran through the Hudson Tubes. We met at Cortland St, no weapons, fists only. Again we all had knives. It was a hot summer night. The police turned their backs. When it was over they sent special trains to bring us back. We stayed with our new friends. The papers reported 5,000 boys, no serious hurts. Who won? We all won. New friends, NY city was a great place, also the village 42nd st.and Harlem.

You could tell how good a boy was (at marbles) by how fat his knickers was. Most pockets were worn out or ripped out and the knickers became huge pockets. Also wee became obsessed by breaking the other boys shooter.

Does anyone remember if they ever caught the shop lifter or lifters who stole that full size airplane that bamberger was using as a display unit or the canoes? I do not admire thievery but i do admire people who use their heads for other things except to hang their hats.

Thank you all for excepting my bad composition and english. My people say that english tastes bad. Had to have 2 tutors all the time at Fordum. Thanks to the D. A. R.

Worked for Bilkays 1957 to 1968. I was in a bad wreck, was unable to drive for 10 years. I was rear ended by a drunk truck driver while stopped for light rt 1 east Newark Local 478 cheated me out of pension.

Do you know what happened to Bilkays express, 303 south st? I worked there 11 years driving truck, also the teamsters union 478. They left town owing me 11 years pension. Any old truckers out there? There has to be as old truckers never die. Also all the old trolleys cars went to Mexico.

I am a 100% Mohawk Shaman. Dad was in Md. in 1931. There was a Baptist missionary School in Belleville. American Indians never liked our government. I was schooled in China & Japan. The US would not let us leave so we had to sneak out in 1931. We could not move, marry, buy a house, I do have a PHD, 19yrs CEO PEMEX.

We had a vegetable man who always sold cauliflower. All day he screamed cauliflower. Well his name was Joe de Salvo. I have a Cook Coffee horse shoe clock, we had a man with a push cart.

Does anyone know the man who had a clothing store, middle of first block of Broadway. His clothes were all piled on top of each other. He was a survivor of a nazi death camp. He called women madam so he got the nickname MADAM. He survived only to be murdered by a holdup man. He was beaten to death with a ball peen hammer on the eve of receiving millions he deserves to be remembered by name.

To think i drove a cab and truck for Bilkays express for 10 years.

I worked as a candy butcher in the Empire. By today's standards they showed nothing, just a tease. Most of the performers were moral and even prudes. It was an honor to know them.

This is my fondest memories, being chased by that irate mob i am sure no one would harm a 14 year old boy and that night i went from butcher to a ceo of pemex thanks.

Just a history buff who was too young to go into bars except to shine shoes. Did drive keg wagon for Ballantine, then graduated to salesman after I broke my arm as I was too smashed to watch to pay attention to what I was doing.

That neighborhood was not good 25 years ago God forbid. Stay away I had a big junk yard dog.

You got it right, the house was opposite the inspection station, as I have not paid taxes on property since 68. All I lost was five Packard cars.

Does anybody know what happened to 23 Hartford St. This was my home prior to the riots. I used it as a private museum for Packards. Lost all, abandoned property, never looked back.

Wasn't that bar on Mulberry St a fruit bar? I think it was called the bucket of blood sorry i stirred up memories that is when i became a vegetarian of 60 years.

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