Bath Houses

by John Mc Evoy


In the early sixties I was one of the two lifeguards at The Wilson Ave Bathhouse. The other was a character that had worked all the Newark pools for years. he was known as "Charlie the lifeguard'. The bath house was located on Alyea St between Wilson Ave and Patterson St.

There were two bathhouses in Newark. The other was on Morris Ave, which runs from Springfield Ave to So. Orange Ave, in the vicinity of Prince and Hunterton Streets. I worked there for a while also.

They were called bathhouses because they were built around the turn of the century when many people did not have baths or showers in their homes. So the bathhouses were built and the fees were very small so people could bathe and take a swim, if they wanted. Even when I worked there in the sixties it only cost a dime, and you got a small cake of soap and a clean towel. There is an office building on the site now, but I notice they utilized the same marble that had been the steps to the bath house.

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