Mulberry Place Families 1930 to 1945

by Roberta (Adams) Singletary


Mulberry Place, Newark was a one-bock street that ran from Mulberry Street to McCarter Highway. The Mulberry Street families during the time period of the early 1930 thru 1945 consisted a very close-knit community of African Americans and other groups.

Some of the families still reside in Newark today. Others reside in East Orange and some have relocated to California. After conversing with the old Newark residents of Mulberry Place they have verbally and mentally re-constructed the block and the following families and businesses resided as follows:

IZZY TAVERN The corner of Mulberry Place and Mulberry Street

VICTORY OPTICAL Corner of Mulberry Pl. and Mulberry St. across from Izzy's Tavern

JOHNNY'S BODY & FENDER Corner of McCarter and Mulberry Place

18 MULBERRY PL- SCHENCK FAMILY Hattie (mother) William (father) Bill, Bob They were the last family to move on Mulberry Place from the So. Jersey area.

16 MULBERRY PL- DIXON FAMILY Mildred (mother) John (father) Children; Millie, Barbara, and Johnnie

14 MULBERRY PL. Stephen Crane birthplace was the empty lot later developed to a playground in his honor around 1948.

25 MULBERRY PL.- THE ADAMS FAMILY Thelma (mother) William (father) Children: Alto, Carl, Julius, Gladys and Inez (Queenie)

25 MULBERRY PL. 2nd fl. - THE REYNOLDS FAMILY 23 MULBERRY PL. (1st fl) - THE BENFORD FAMILY Carrie Mae and husband John 2nd Floor: Williams Family: Paul and Sara 3rd Floor: Williams Family


19 - MULBERRY PL.- THE GUNN FAMILY Alberta who live with her grandmother

17 MULBERRY PL. - THE JOHNSON FAMILY Katherine (mother) Mr. Blue (father) Children: Georgie, Florence and Shirley Johnson-Miller Mother Katherine worked and retired from Victory Optical. Basement Apt: Mr. Verge. Mr. Verge drove a model T Ford.

Other Families of Mulberry Place:

The Lott Family

The Naputano Family

We hope that some of the old block residents of Mulberry Place Newark will see our posting and join in at Newark Memories.


Roberta Adams-Singletary Granddaughter of the Adams Family


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