Max's Little Corral

by Newark Talk Collective


John V.Fardella:
Quint: I read your paragraph in memories of Jule Spohn about Max's little corral. I used to guide there too around 60-62 used to ride "dancer, Bulldog and rebel before Artie's father bought him for him. He ruined that horse. Did you help Max on the vegetable truck too? How about Happy with the Hay rides. Max's favorite expression "haa..You" while cracking his whip. His son Arthur was a character wasn't he? I wonder if I knew you. I remember a Manny up there who rode bulldog too. I thought it was our Manny. Denny used to bring "jimmy" home to school at Southside. Remember? This has to bring back some memories to you. No? I rode there From 1959 to about 1973.You wouldn't know the place now.

Greetings John,
I rode at the Little Corral a few years before you. I began riding there about 1948 and I'd guide on weekends and on days I played hooky. I never helped Max on the veggie truck, I only knew of his activities at the Corral. My sidekicks were Gary Garret and Eddie Naspinski, we all joined the Marine Corps in 1950 and that sort of ended our riding activities for a few years. Gary went on to raise his own horses after he left the corps and Eddie would hang out at Gary's place in Livingston and help train the horses. When I rode at the Little Corral there were a few black guys who worked there regularly, one was named Speedy..they were neat guys to ride with.
I used to ride Gyspsy when I guided on weekends...old nag probably died before you started going to the Little Corral. Eventually, I got my own horse, well, not really, Eddie, Gary and I were partners in owning our horse. One day, when I was truant, I rode it down to Weequahic HS and on a dare, rode it across the lawn. I got in a bit of trouble for that escapade.
John, did you ever chug-a-lug a beer at the Old Cider Mill in your days...I know I did in mine.
Nice talking to you, John.

Hi John,
It was not "our Manny" (I sort of like that). This Manny never got on a horse until he was 21, when he went to college at Alva, Okla. That was late 1968. I managed to get a part-time job at a local ranch ($1.25 an hour), and part of my duties were to help herd cattle while I was on horseback. I made quite the dashing figure of the Marlboro Man - cowboy boots, cowboy hat, and my black, lamb-skin leather jacket that I bought at Newark's Howard Clothiers in 1965. My other duties were to clean out the stables, so I grew to dislike horses intensely. I also helped "slop" hogs - all this for a Central Ward/Vailsburg street kid.

I still wear my Levi's, boots, big belt buckle and when I ride I wear my Stetson. I used to buy my stuff at Red Eisner's on Prince St. In those days Red was the only story in Newark that carried Levi's.
When I lived in Sierra Madre, CA, right next to Pasadena, I kept two horses in my backyard. After work, I'd come home, throw a saddle blanket on one of them and take a two hour ride into the National Forest which was six blocks from my house. I sold my horses when I retired and moved to the desert. I go out on a hack horse occasionally but my weak back can't take two hour rides anymore.
My wife can't get over that fact that I'm a cowboy from Newark, NJ.

Tony DiGiesi:
Hi Quint & John:
I rode Gypsy back in the mid 50's. She was not to frisky so the ride was ok. I ran with the guys from Crystals on SOUTH ORANGE AVE. and 10th street and we hopped the 31 South Orange Ave Bus to get to Max's .
Duddy and Vally worked and rode there and some of the boys from Louigi's on South Orange. Ave..... The smell was hard to take by the Barn....... cleared your head PHewwww clean those stalls.
We talked about Max's Little Corral a bit ago And I posted a lot of pictures but it's always good to remember the fun days.
Tony D.

Hi Quint,

I have a pair of brown Noconas that I wear all the time with my Levi 517s. I also have a western belt with my name carved in the back. It was hand-made by a prisoner at the Oklahoma State Penitentiary. I seldom wear the belt, though. Can't find a nice enough buckle.

I remember when you and I exchanged memories about the Little Corral and I remember your pics. I guess Gypsy was worn out by the fifties when you rode her. Back in the forties She cow-kicked me more than once when I walked into her stall to get her out. She was pretty frisky back then.
Do you guys remember the Old Cider Mill?

Quint:I remember the old cider mill. Isn't still there?

John V.:
Hey Guys: It's nice to remember riding at Max's brings back some fond memories as mean as that son-#*?%&*? was. When you walked thru the passage way from the Loop (remember the loop?) there was some old construction equipment handing around there. Good trivia question "what was the name of the company? Quint, Tony, Manny come on I don't think Nicky G has a clue to this one. Idon't picture him riding at Max's...Right Nick?

I remember going from the Loop to the Corral but for the life of me I don't remember any construction equipment there. It might have gotten put there after my time.
I don't know if the Old Cider Mill is still there. We used to go there for a beer from time to time. One of our "things" was to wrap a match in a label that we took off the neck of a beer bottle. The labels were made of a kind of foil. we would ignite the end of the match and when it burned down to the match head, which was enclosed in the wrapper, it would take off like a rocket. Of course we would aim the "rocket" up and away to avoid getting injured. And of course, we were 86d from the Old Cider Mill until we promised not to send off any more rockets.

John V.:
Quint: Could be they put it there later. Although it looked like it was there for a while. Seems you rode there about 10 years before I did. With a respect I'm a little Younger{60)I'll leave the question up a little longer. Maybe the others saw it. Did you ride on the street for a while, before getting into the reservation by the train station in Millburn?

As I recall, we would ride through the brush from the Corral to the Loop, then on to the street, up a slight hill, under the RR overpass, along the street on the side on the hill parallel to the RR tracks and then we'd pick up a bridle trail and took off at a gallop.
The trail was about a mile or two long. Then we would reverse direction and come back after a short rest.


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