Mulberry Street

by Denise Taylor


I lived at 203 Mulberry Street for 23 years. My block was between Lafayette and Green Street. The Prudential Center would have been a half block up from my building.

My section of the street was also known as Chinatown. Within one block, we had 3 or 5 Chinese restaurants. Ding Howard, Shanghai and Canton were a few. Every Sunday, the neighborhood grocery store would be crowded with people buying Chinese delicacies. I would patiently be waiting to pay my 5 cents for Wise potato chips or a candy apple with the most coconut.

We were in the perfect spot. Fire station on the corner....No. 1 I believe, Board of Education, City Hall, Main Post Office and Police block away. Could walk to Symphony Hall for concerts, as well as Adams, Branford, Paramount and RKO theater.....not to mention the stores...Bambergers, Orbachs, Kleins, ....all 5 minutes away. I very rarely took the bus.

When we had parades, I had front seats. During the hot summers, we would sit on the fire escapes with our transistor radios or play hop scotch, jump rope or 123 red-light outside. Mr Perrets was the jeweler at 205 Mulberry. Mr Brody's, was the butcher on the car. The local taverns were Ms Helen's and one across the street at 204. Of course we can not forget about going up Mulberry Street to buy food. Elfibins,Nut House Fish Market and the Food Fair.

Some of the families, Taylor, Johnson, Brown, Ross, Giles, Mack, Davis, Rue, Kornegay, McDonald, King and Pine...Great memories which I will always cherish.




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