Ironbound Memories

by John S. Angen


I still remember when we lived and played on Wilson ave.

I went to St Benedicts’ up until the third grade. Always looked forward to the Newark bath house since our apartment had no tub or shower. We lived in the back of Sal Capone’s sheets metal shop, one bedroom living room and kitchen. Still remember the baths my sister would get in the sink. It was always fun going to the local taverns and shine shoes for about a nickel (had to borrow the neighbors shoe shine box). If we were lucky enough to make a quarter it was enough for a double Italian hot dog or possibly ice cream soda. Not sure of the market just outside our apartment but on the corner was Mr. Gold’s five and dime store, (I think).

Could always remember going down the street and try and see what was going on at Ruppert Stadium, never had enough money to go in, I think it was a nickel. On the way to the stadium we would always pass the barber shop where someone got there throat slit in the chair (mafia) blood was never removed and it always kept our curiosity running wild.

The one thing about St. Benedict’s was we would always have to be in the first rows for church on Sundays, and I think we had church every day the nun’s in third grade were very strict could easily get the knuckles hit with the ruler for talking and if you pulled away it would mean a few extra hits. Kindergarten was great because we would get knap time and some snacks. Our sister in that class must have been 80 years old (FYI I was born in 1945).

We moved from Newark in 1957 to Colonia,NJ it’s in Woodbridge, NJ. Still have great memories of the Down Neck area as I type this here in Kazakhstan, after working for Chevron in Perth Amboy, then being relocated to their California refinery I now only visit on occasion to see brother and sister in Hopelawn and Toms River.

Memories are a great thing. I hope this brings back some, Go Yankee’s


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