Newark Memories

by Paul Zerbian


There has been entries about Vailsburg, let me tell you some things below the Garden State Parkway.

I grew at 422 So.18th Street. That was between South Orange Ave and 14th Ave. As a kid we had a very close neighborhood. I lived in a two family house with my mom and dad and my dads sister and mother. The block stayed intact until the 1967 riots and that's when things began to change.

Now, South Orange Ave from the Parkway east was pretty busy, most of the time. We had several small businesses and at Grove Street, Hoffman Soda had a plant. A number of years later, Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer Company took over the property, they had a hugh bottle left by Hoffman's that became a Pabst Beer Bottle which could be seen for miles.

On the North side of the Avenue was a liquor store, and next to that was a small luncheonette. Down further was a pizza shop (Russo's), After 20th Street, there was a butcher, my mom went to once a week, then a tavern at the corner of 19th.

Across the Ave was the Newark Newsdealer Supply Company whose trucks were used to deliver the Star Ledger and Pabst Parking area for the trucks. On my corner was two small stores, one was Chiefs and the other, well it changed hands so much I can't remember the name right now.

Again on the North Side was a hugh cemetery and at 14th street was my high school, West Side High. Man I can take you all the way down South Orange Ave, but I won't on the walk, but I will be back to finish our walk through Newark.

One event I remember like it was yesterday was the great fire at Bergen Street and Avon Ave. That's where I got my start with the Fire Department. 44 dwellings burned that day, I can tell you of many fires scenes in the city, so I guess I will leave it there. Thanks for taking this walk with me. I enjoyed the memories.


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