Newark Evening News

by Pat Fagan


You write of the Newark Evening News. It brings back memories. My grandfather, Patrick Michael Feeney joined the News as a Copyboy in 1902. He was only twelve at the time. Although he had only a third-grade education, he eventually became a sportswriter, a reporter and finally the Director of Advertising.

According to family history, he became a reporter when his train passed a chemical company explosion (date unknown -- in Union, NJ) and he hopped off the train, found a telephone and called in the story. I believe he was a good friend of Willie Ratner.

My grandfather worked for the News from 1902 to 1963. He was interviewed on WNEW radio -- the Radio Station of the Newark Evening News -- sometime in 1962 on his 60th Anniversary with the News. He was the longest-running employee with the News. To the best of my knowledge, no one ever spent more years at the News than he did.

One other memory I have is of a tavern across the alley from the News. He brought me there many times when he took me to work with him. The name of the tavern was Nick Klein's (Kline?). I believe it was on Beaver Street or Cedar Street. Most of the news people went there. I remember sitting at the bar drinking my first 7-Up. I was about eight-years-old at the time. I am now 58.

My grandfather died in 1966. He was the best. He lived in Glen Ridge. I miss him.


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