by Patricia Gowers

I was born at Presbyterian Hospital in 1949. I lived at 147 First Street in Newark (between Sussex and Roseville Avenues). I went to Sussex Avenue Grammar School and attended Essex Co. Girls Voc. & Tech High School on N. 13th Street.

I used to have a singing group in high school called the "Caresses". We performed on the Disco Teen Show at the old Mosque Theater (downtown Newark). I graduated in June 1966. I loved being brought up in Newark.

Used to hang out at a soda fountain shop called "Hollies" (corner of Roseville Ave and First Street). Remember going to Ting-a-lings for Italian lemon ice and to Jimmy Buffs for Italian Hot Dogs. I remember going to the Tivoli Theater and watching continuous movies all day (including cartoons) where 25 cents bought you a bag of popcorn and candy bar and a soda.

My uncle (Augie Mascellino) owned a bread bakery on Nesbit Street (near St. Lucy's church). My grandfather (Sebastian (Joe) Biasi) was a bootblack at the Court House for over 60 years. I remember ice skating in Branch Brook Park in the winters and riding through the park in the spring to see all the apple blossoms. Growing up in Newark was the best. After the riots my family moved to Central Jersey.

I still have an uncle that lives in Newark (Bill Biasi) on N. 9th Street and my older brother (Vincent Gowers) who lives on Columbus Street (right off of Bloomfield Ave) in Bloomfield. I just found out about this site today and have been fascinated. Thank you for bringing back so many wonderful memories.


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