The Thoughts of Peter Grimm Part 3

by Peter Grimm


Traffic used to flow 2 ways on Broadway from Clay Street north. It was changed to 1 way to speed up traffic. At first they used to put up cones AM PM but that did not work well.

Was that bar called the bucket of blood, what was the date our china town was closed the time so it was said some one found cats fur in the food.

To all you bar flies, I was a Ballantine salesman 1964 to 1969. You should remember me, 250lbs and 7ft. I bought so much beer and as I had to drink with all. They had to call the rescue squad as one night I almost drowned. Ballantine did not like sloppy drunks. They say i had finesse. Was not that fire by Peskins where the bus turns?

The boat took us to the ship. The ship carried mail so it ran on time. As I stated we were the only passengers. The bands played on contract. It was play to get pay. Coney Island was first stop.

My wife and I departed Times Square via bus to boat to Rye Beach. It was a week day, cold and wet. Two bands, Gene Kruper and Glen Miller. We were the only passengers on boat 1950.

Drove a hack, 1949 to 1953. At that time you could go all over Newark for $1.00 or less.

I drove a keg wagon with 6 horses for Ballantine in 1948.

I lived directly over labarkas, great hot dogs and potatoes, great great sausage great grease meat balls on friday that was a 6 story walk up cold flat.

I drove a cab circa 1950 for Yellow, 20 Century, Brown & White and Blue & White. No matter what the meter read, the fare by city law was never more than a dollar. Example: Penn Station to Irvington Line, the meter could read $2.00 plus, you only had to pay a buck. Was not good for driver as he was paid $10.00 for 12 hours and got his pay on the short rides. It was a hard life but life is no bed of roses.

1950, won a race driving backwards up Eagle Rock Ave in a 1933 Chevy. Took 5th Baha Mexico with a 1938 packard stock, might have won but ran out of money and tires, paid $25 for it

The front tire of my Crosley, it got so wedged in the trolley track had to be cut out.

Do they still have clean up week. Got several cars from the garbage, junk yards. at one time charged to take your car and would refuse to take it if parts were missing

You talk old, Two Guys, are they still with you and S. Klien on the Square? Plus burned my mortgage in 1959 then some of our fellows from another part of town burned the house

The reason for the wake was to give a chance to reawake years past. They sometimes reused caskets. They found that the person had scratched the inside of the lid to get out.

Does anyone remember the funeral for a mobsters wife. I believe they lived on 6th ave first ward. There must of been 100 flower cars. I heard that there was not a flower to be had in 3 states it was late 1940s.

Who knows what the city is doing with the catacombs under Broad and Market.

I worked in 1951 Lackawana RR in mail car. We had to wear 45 pistols. I am glad that no one tried to hold us up. Those pistols were bad and we used the shot guns as crow bars.

NJPAC -what do those letters stand for? We will boycott them, if they manufacture a product, we not buy their product, if it is a public stock and we drive down their stock 1 point, and turn goldman to silverman we have enough in our group to move mountains if they do business world wide, i have friends their also, do they have a email address.

Mohawks lived in wooden houses for years before columbus. They were called long houses as they were farmers of sorts.

I shined shoes in the elbow room when the Lacakawana was using HIGH IRON. Marys restaurant was there also. She had a restaurant 1 block away where she had hot dogs with spuds and peppers, and all that great grease.

Hotel Benzell was little better then a flop house. Most in transit would not stop there. It was built the time of the HARVEY girls, it was said that the rooms could rented by the hour, clean sheets extra.

I spent $1.00 a week, in that store store on the corner Alpine and Elizabeth Ave on pinball. We lived on Alpine st., 5 houses from Elizabeth.

Do you remember someone hit a parked car. A fraiser that car was demolished or all most. The cop let the person driving the other car go he said that was a wreck it was my rolling wreck stone & alpine.

We had groups singing real words, example peg of my heart. harmonizing even the jews harp or playing harmonicas. or
pitching pennies, I was not allowed in a bar un till 35

Just wanted to highlight some of the deeds of my ancestors, who I am sure went to great lengths to help fill that bone yard, Ting-a-ling the lemon ice king; the sons built the car wash, I used to park my pink house there i put on home shows it was a motor home as it was too large it was parked at ting-a-lings, built it to sell space in home shows.

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