Dugan's Bakery

by Ruth Marcel


My Dad worked for Dugan's Bakery for more than thirty years. He started in Newark around 1934, and in 1958 transferred to the Long Island City plant. He was employed as a equipment maintenance man and made many changes, improvements and repairs to every aspect of the ovens and machinery used. He remained with the company until the plant ceased to exist.

The other day I looked at his 30 year pin (with the six diamonds mounted below the Dugan's blue logo), and decided to see what was out there regarding a place that was so important to my childhood. I still have the Bible with Dad's name engraved on it that the "Brothers" gave to him when he attended their Bible Study. The Dugans were very active in the Brookdale Baptist Church and founded the once active Northeast(ern?) Bible Institute. I remember visiting the Turkey farm and enjoying the huge picnics that were held for the employees and the church folk.

I still have a Dugan's Christmas cake box (it's filled with old Christmas figurines, I think it once held the seasonal "spice drops"),a color brochure featuring, among other goodies, a wedding cake, a photo of my Dad {Bob Herold) and co-worker Johnny Mac Farlane, in front of the Newark bakery and a photo of me with one of my large Dugan's birthday cakes. Mr. Henry Rule, the master baker, would personally make the many birthday cakes my family enjoyed over the years. They were works of art! He would also test out his new recipes on our family. I also have one of the toy trucks from the 50's. It's one of my special treasures from the past.

Here's a question for you. Do you remember the spice cake type cupcakes with the white frosting that was on top in the shape of a star dollop? I know it was made prior to 1958 as that is when my father was transferred from Newark to "#222" on Long Island. My guess is the mid 50's. They came in the standard size box of six.


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