by George Burgey


I remember Boyd St. because I went to 18th Avenue School for a while. It's between Boyd and Livingston. After my father abandoned us, my mom had to work and needed care for me while my older sister was in school. She solved it by putting my sister in 18th Ave School (we didn't live in that neighborhood) and putting me in a City child care center which was on Boyd St and 17th Avenue - a block away. I remember a police precinct on that corner also. There was a pickle factory between the avenues that we had to pass on the way - the aromas were wonderful!

Do I remember a city swimming pool on Boyd St? In her youth, my mother lived on Livingston St at 177 which my great-grandfather owned, so she was familiar with the neighborhood. Two buses in the morning to get us to school and then a bus to work and reverse in the evenings. After a while, the bus drivers got to know us and my mom left us in their care to save a bus ride and the fare. Two little tykes getting on a bus by themselves and waving to their mother on the opposite side of the street. Can anyone imagine that in today's world? We were well taken care of by kindly drivers who saw that we got off at the right spot and crossed the street safely. And my mom saved a few nickels which were so precious in those days.


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