My Newark Memories

by MaryAnn Feudale


My name is MaryAnn, and I grew up on 1st Street during the years of 1960-1970. Growing up in Newark, NJ was like having one big block party all the time. We lived at 238 1st Street, the house was connected to another house by a driveway, so you were family with the people who lived there as well. In fact my mother grew up in this home along with her brothers and sister. The oldest brother married the girl across the driveway sometime during the 1950's.

On Sundays, after church was over, you would come home to the smell, which was throughout the neighborhood, of all the gravies cooking. I always felt like I was in heaven with all the great smells around me. We used to all sit on the stoops at night and talk with all our neighbors. The neighbors would cart their lawn chairs over and we all would linger out there until late at night, especially in the summer time. Somehow you never felt the heat because air conditioning was for the rich, we had fans! Also when the ice cream truck would come around you felt so lucky just to have all this security around you.

Everyday a fruit and vegetable guy would come down the street with a wagon full of goodies being pulled by a horse. I used to feed the horse sugar cubes.

Unfortunately the riots started in the late 60's and my grandfather sold the house that I had so many wonderful memories in, that was in 1970.

I don't think there is a place on this earth that could take away the magic I felt growing up and being a part of Newark for the 10 shortest years of my life. I wish I had more years...


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