Live Poultry Markets

by Jule Spohn


How many remember the various live poultry markets in their neighborhood where you could buy fresh-killed chickens and turkey's and fresh farm eggs?

The two I remember were both over on 15th Avenue right around the 15th Avenue School and on the way to West Side Park. One was DE LUCIA'S POULTRY MARKET at 371 15th Avenue and the other was JOSEPH SODANO POULTRY MARKET at 431 15th Avenue.

I can still remember the smells, the sawdust, the "cackling" of the chickens and the turkeys as they were being carried buy their legs, upside down, feathers flying, to the carving place where their heads were cut off, and then being placed upside down, in a funnel-like tube till their blood drained out, and their feathers plucked. (SOUNDS GORY WHEN YOU THINK ABOUT IT TODAY). But that was then and it was fascinating for a 10 or 11 year old kid to watch it happening.


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