Shooting Marbles

by Charles McGrath


"Shooting Marbles'

I haven't heard that phrase in years. There were two types of marbles, regular and jumbo. They were made of colored glass and some we treasured more than others.

We played two types of marbles:

One was like golf. We made a hole in the ground and whoever got the marble in first, with the least shots, won. The starting point was around 10' from the hole. The marble was shot by making a fist with the thumb behind the index finger. A flip of the thumb would send the marble on its way. The winner would keep the loser's marble.

The other marble game was played with a bunch of marbles in a circle. Everyone put an equal number of marbles in a drawn circle. We would take turns shooting at the marbles in the circle. The ones that you knocked out of the circle were kept.

Did you ever wonder where the name marble came from. Many years ago I was doing some local personal archeology work. In my dig I came across true marbles from the 19th Century. They were made of marble not glass.

We also referred to the game as play nibbies (sp?).

Did you ever hear that name?


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