by Seymour Pierce


Diners, one of the best. Do you remember the "side" entrance to the Central Rail Road Station? It was on Lafayette Street about 100 yards east of Broad Street. Alongside those tracks and totally "self standing ", alongside the tracks was the DINER of my memory. It was during the late 1930s and into the 1940s. It was truly an eating place for the masses. The area of office buildings, small stores, Rail Road workers and travelers. On Mulberry Street one block east, was a Chinese community. Two blocks south was City Hall, Fed Bldg., Court House, Police Hdqtrs.

All seemed to get to this Diner. It was run by a few burly old German cooks. The food was real "working man" quality and portions. The men looked as though they had been cooking [and eating well] for decades. Nothing "lo-cal" or "sugar free" or "lite" to be found there. Only great "HOME COOKIN" and BAKING, mostly German Style. One additional note. Between this diner and the corner of Broad Street was a tavern. {name ?}. At that time for a "nickel beer {or a dime ?}", FREE lunch was included.

Cold cut sandwiches, pickles and even a tremendous jar of "pig knuckles". HELP YOURSELF !. EAT, ENJOY, HEARTY APPETITE!

I must also add that during those years there was the ClayBro Diner, corner Clay Street and Broad Street. It was there that I had one of the two great desserts of my day. Fresh baked Apple Dumplings with a coating of Lemon Sauce. The other was the Lemon Meringue Pie, 10 cents a slice. This at the tiny restaurant next to the Savoy Movie on Springfield Ave near High Street.

Eat Healthy !

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