Arrived from Ireland

by Bill Murphy

Arrived in the great city of Newark from Ireland, February 1965.

First I rented room in an old brick house on the corner of Fourth Ave and No. Ninth St. The Super was a Mr. Campbell. Worked for Ward Optician in North Arlington, then got work at the Prudential with the "night waxing gang" from 9pm to 5:30am.
Traveled on the #2 Ampere or #34 Market St. bus. First experience of a cold winter and very hot summer, used to be difficult sleeping during the days, no air condition, just hot breezes coming in a wide open window.

Later that year moved to third floor apartment at 446 Fourth Ave, also started working afternoon job at "Kleen- Stik Corp, 410 Frelinghuysen Ave. Got on the day shift shortly after, working mixing adhesives for the big machines.

Recall bussing it to work downtown during the riots, a touchy time with detours due to fires at Broad and Branford Place. The National Guard and State police were patrolling the city. Recall several deaths including a police Detective and fire Captain.

On a lighter side enjoyed many dances at McGoverns and Branch Brook Park was a great place to visit on a summers evening. The open air market's on Mulberry Street were bustling, especially on Saturday's.

Later after I became a citizen, joined the Police Department in 1973, worked in the West District, Housing Patrol Unit, East District and finished up as a Detective in Subpoena Control in 1999.
Lived on Mount Vernon Place and on Walnut Street near Lang Street before moving to Kearny.

Now retired and living on Maryland's Eastern Shore.

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