Precious Newark Memories

by Robin R. Stein


The memories I hold of Newark are so very special to me.

I lived and grew up in Irvington. Most of my time, when not in school, was spent in Newark. My cousins lived on Leslie St., near Hawthorne Ave. and I was always at their house as a child.

My pre teen and teenage years were centered around the Jewish "Y" on Chancellor Ave. This was my "second home". My closest friends were here, I met the boyfriends of my teen years here, and it was the hub of our social existence. My mother would allow me to walk to the "Y" because the area was safe and crime was elsewhere.

I can taste the bagels from Watson on Chancellor Ave. we would stop and buy for 25 cents. The warm salted ones tasted just like pretzels. These memories will be alive in my mind and heart forever.

These days, I very rarely drive past the "Y". When I do, I throw a loving kiss and wave, in thanks for the best times of my life, and the sweet memories I'll always have.


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