Baby Lone

by Karen Cohen


My grandfather, Baby Lone, was a traveling medicine man in Newark, NJ in the 20's and 30's. My mother, who is now deceased, recalled visiting his medicine shop where he would treat sick folks with herbal medicines. She remembered collecting herbs such as dandelion leaves with him for his medicinal concoctions.

I believe he met my grandmother, Rose, while treating her for an ailment.
I would love to hear more stories about this long haired, dark skinned Kickapoo native american. Perhaps someone had visited him at his shop or remembers seeing him driving in the neighborhood selling his medicines. We only have two photos of him, one in full head dress.

My aunt remembers going to school one day, dressed in her indian garb and made to parade around the school playground to show all the kids her outfit.

I believe he had run-ins with the police, since he was dispensing home made medicines. And as is common with many native americans, he had an alcohol problem. I found studies that concluded that Native Americans do not have the genes required to process alcohol. Many cannot tolerate alcohol and become heavily influenced and addicted which accounts for the tragedy of so many native americans loosing their battle with alcohol.

Other than this, I am trying to piece some stories together about him and his mysterious death in 1942. His service was held at Galante Funeral Home in Newark, NJ. He was cremated.


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