A Tribute to "The People" of Oldnewark.com

by Jule Spohn


One of the best History Books ever written about Newark is right here on this site. It is written by "the people" of Newark. It is "their stories" about having been born, lived, gone to school, grown up, worked, and died, right here in this great city. Here in the Newark Talk section we banter back and forth about various matters regarding Newark and for more in depth type articles check out those in the "Memories" section - there you will find it all - people, places, neighborhoods, churches, schools, etc., etc., etc. Yes indeed, this here site is the greatest history book ever written in the past, or in the future, about what Newark is really like.

Anyone doing research about Newark need look no further than right here to get a feel of what life in Newark was like. Almost all of the books written about the history of Newark are chuck full of dates and statistics and some photographs of buildings etc., but almost none of them show what it was like from the perspective of those who actually lived here and built this city into what it became - it's people. Roads, bridges, buildings, etc do not make a city. It is "the people" who built those roads, bridges, buildings, etc., and who inhabit and live and work there on that land who make the city work and function, live and die. It is "the people" - and their contributions - who are most often left out of the history books of cities. Of course, the politicians, and the so-called movers and shakers, etc., get mentioned from time, but most often it is the "average person" who does all of the work in the city is never mentioned. Yet, it is they who make the city function.

To all of you on this site, STAND UP, PAT YOURSELF ON THE BACK, and CONGRATULATE YOURSELVES for having participated in the life of this great city, and for your contributions to this great Historic Site about the history of Newark. WELL DONE!!!


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